Make $100 Day with YouTube Passive Income in 2019

YouTube passive income

WhatsApp marketers and entrepreneurs? Rod checking in wanting to bring you guys another article. Today I’m going to talk about passive income via YouTube. A lot of you guys like YouTube, a lot of you guys like passive income, and a lot of you guys are trying to figure out how you can leverage YouTube to get passive income. Well, I have three talking points that I’m going to cover today and I’m going to get you started with those.

Obviously, there are more than three ways to get your passive income from YouTube and I get into more strategies in my free 7 Step Guide below, so go ahead and sign up for that so you can really take your YouTube and passive income to the next level.

A lot of you guys see the glamorous side of passive income and you want to do the same. You may see people being on the beach drinking a margarita and sitting with their laptop and seeing money coming in. You can get to that point but it’s going to take some work. It’s going to take you guys being strategic about what you’ve got to do to really put yourself in the position to make that passive income.

YouTube is a critical resource in making that happen. YouTube can really put you in a position to win.

No Content No Income

So number one point guys no content, no income. Some of you guys think you can come on YouTube and expect to put up canned videos made by someone else and expect that to work, no. You’ve got to start a brand. You’ve got the build content and trust. But this can do this while you sleep if done right. When you can create a video, put it up on Youtube and it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even while you sleep.

YouTube will, depending on the type of content you create, will promote your content. They will put your content in front of people who have problems that you could solve. This is something that doesn’t require any activity from you, i.e. done passively for you. You will get people subscribing to your channel and you will get people to trust you just like I’m doing now with my 7 step guide. I’m getting you guys to sign up for that so that you can find your niche.

Say for example gardening, you can start a garden or a photography Channel, create your videos, start doing tutorials, giving instructions and providing guides. Once you do that, you can go off and do something else. That video is going to be working for you in the background. YouTube has that level of power.

The best way to gain your audience’s confidence and trust are through visual means. They see you, they look at your body language, they hear your voice, your tonality. There’s so much stuff you can do on YouTube that you can’t do from other platforms. So leverage your content let’s put it in a way where you could put that video out there and you can make money while you sleep.

The best feeling in the world is when you wake up in the morning and see somebody purchased your course or somebody consumed your content. You’re helping people without having to be in front of them. Obviously at some point, you want to engage with them, you want to do meetups and chats and provide customer service but for the most part, you can, I repeat you can make money passively via YouTube. A very powerful tool guys.

Don’t Follow Trends

Talking point number two, do not follow trends. So it’s tempting to follow trends and to create videos and content on those trends but stick with your niche. Stick with what makes you unique. Follow that strategy to the T. Obviously you’re going to have one or two pieces of content you can make money via other topics but you want 95% of your content to be in your niche positioning yourself in a certain niche.

Trends are okay if you position yourself accordingly. But don’t necessarily run to the trend or don’t follow the trend. If for some reason your Niche has a trendy topic and you are already talking about that, then you can position yourself to be in an authority for that trend and leverage that trend. But don’t chase it, don’t switch your content or strategies around trying to follow trends. That’s not going to work.

You may even get to the point where you get traffic from the trends but you’re going to quickly find out trends are trends for a reason. For example, if you get in on a trend too late, how many people bought fidget spinners. A lot of people got rich off of those but I guarantee you some poor guy somewhere had a whole lot inventory or went off and leveraged his house to buy fidget spinner inventory towards the end of that trend and now they’re going bankrupt because they can sell them any more.

Also, trends create processes that are just not replicable. You need to put in place processes and you are able to replicate when you’re dealing with passive income. With passive income you get the people to come to you inbound yeah you do a little outbound here and there but most of the passive income is generated by people coming in, seeing your ads and they like your specific niche and they have a problem or a need in that topic and they’re going to come to you in the future. Guess who they went to for trends in the past? They don’t know because they don’t remember because trends are like that because there’s no branding involved. so guys keep that in mind and stay away from trends.

Solve Evergreen Problems 

Number three, solve problems in the evergreen niches. Evergreen problems are the main source of passive income. If you want consistent passive income, you have to solve problems in an evergreen niche. This way you’re going to make money year after year. An evergreen niche is in the health, wealth and finance categories. Those are the main ones but there are tons more guys. Again I get into more detail send my 7 step marketing guide so check it out. The link is at the bottom of this article.

In my 7 step guide, I give you examples of niches that are going to help you make that passive income over and over and over again in the evergreen niches. That is the core reason why passive income works because people are going to always have issues in the evergreen industries. People are always going to need to solve problems in the evergreen niches. People are always going to have a need for cameras or gardening or software development or technology. All these needs are going to exist 5, 10, 20 years from now. The question is what type of content is going to be available to help them to solve those problems. That’s where you come in with your passive income guys it. It’s so important that you position yourself for this passive income and claim that niche.

So, guys, I don’t want to make my content too general I want you guys to position yourself for success. What I need you to do is I need you to start making content. Have you even picked your niche? Are you trying to get a job? Are you trying to start a business? Are you trying to do freelance? Once you decide on that, then pick your niche. Get that income coming in so you can take care of your bills. Make sure you got food on the table. Make sure you can survive. Next, you want to start creating income over and above what you need to survive, i.e. your passive income so that you could start making money while you sleep. That’s the difference between active income and passive income.

At first, you’re going to be growing your active income and that requires your time. It’s going to require you to be there which is okay. Then at the same time start creating your passive income. After we do the initial setup, we want our passive income to grow as much as possible, by positioning ourselves and by doing the three things that I mentioned in this article.

So, guys, I urge you to really start prioritizing your passive income once you get your active income squared away. In either case, you will be making money with your skills, your knowledge, whatever business or job you’re going to do to take care of your active income. Then you want to start positioning yourself for more and more passive income over time. It’s going to grow and it’s definitely going to become your favorite because you don’t have to do much to keep it going. Once you get it going, once that snowball starts rolling and gets it off the ground, you got your brand working for you, your technology is working for you, your content is working for you and all those things you’re doing on YouTube.

You’re going to be amazed at how much your passive income is going to be automated after you set up these processes and procedures. I can hit this passive income with YouTube strategies in a lot of different ways. In the meantime tell me what problems you are having passive income. What are you doing on YouTube to set up your passive income? How much are you making with passive income? Give me your story and comment below and then sign up for my free 7th step marketing guide if you haven’t done so already. Then subscribe to my Youtube channel and like this video. Let’s start making our passive income and taking it to the next level. I’ll see you guys in the next article.



Rod Robinson

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