How to Make $100 PER Day with Passive Income on Facebook

passive income on Facebook

What’s up marketers and entrepreneurs? Rod checking in wanting to bring you another article today about passive income specifically on Facebook. A lot of you guys know Facebook and they don’t lend themselves to making easy passive income. Why? Because you have to always post but I’ve got three strategies that you can put in place today that will sidestep the usual Facebook hurdles.

A lot of you guys already know about Facebook. You are already engaged in it. You got your friends. You spend your personal time on Facebook and you figure hey is it possible I can make income specifically passive income on Facebook? The answer is yes you can do that. The thing is you have to position yourself accordingly if not you’re not going to get any traffic or you’re going to violate Facebook terms of services. So, guys, I’ve got three options for you today obviously there are more than three ways to make money on Facebook. I get into that more in my 7 step guide so go ahead and sign up for that. The button is at the end of this article.

Facebook Chat Engagement & Long-Term Relationship Building

Tip number one is Facebook chat. Facebook chat is a very unique tool. You may think, this is not passive, I don’t want to have to deal with chat every day but at the beginning, you are going to have to build those relationships. But what Facebook chat does is not only give you somebody to communicate with, you can communicate with multiple people at once on Facebook chat. I didn’t know this, I thought it was just one to one and I always thought the only way to do that is in groups. But with Facebook chat people who are actively online right now can be engaged as your audience right then and there. I am going to be leveraging this tool a lot more than what I’ve done in the past.

Once you build this kind of relationship with people, not just trying to get money out of them but you are actually helping them with their problems, they are going to trust you more over time. Then they will engage with your content alone and this is what’s going to happen. This is how you are going to position yourself to make a passive income on Facebook. Because these people know you helped them in the past. They know you don’t do an elaborate sales pitch. They like your products and when they see your coming up with something new in their Facebook feed, they are going to go ahead and buy it and that’s what’s going to put you in a position to get that passive income with Facebook chat.

A lot of you guys may think hey I don’t want to have to directly deal with the end user. You may just want to stay behind your computer and not show your face. Well, the Facebook chat is the perfect way to build that trust and engagement without getting in front of a video all the time. Just chat it up with somebody have some fun over a general conversation and you can do that with multiple people. Other people in the group that’s online at the time. Just send them a message and say hey what you guys doing with your business today. I hope you working on your business just a general conversation and see how things are going for them. That’s going to really position you to build that trust and in the community over time. This is how you leverage Facebook chat.

Facebook Page List Building

Tip number two is Facebook list building. Facebook pages don’t have the punch it used to but there’s still some meat there on that bone to get off. Facebook does not like affiliate links especially when you are promoting paid advertising. If somebody has a button there that takes the visitor off of Facebook they don’t like that. The unique thing about Facebook is if you’re doing an organic post they are a little bit more lenient on those.

I always tell you guys to get your own website and set up your own links pointing to your website where you could list build. But there is a unique tool on Facebook where you can have a list building form right on your Facebook page. This is a very important tool because if you guys are really heavy into affiliate marketing or you guys don’t have a website yet or your website is not up to par. Get those contacts directly from Facebook.

The great thing about that is once they fill out that Facebook form, they can continue to do their own thing on Facebook without having to go to your website or go off Facebook. You may be wondering hey Rod were not talking about passive income here but it is once you get that email sequence set up. But make sure you base it on what they signed up for, i.e make it specific to the niche content they came to your page for. Don’t send any general emails to these people. Just keep it to what they signed up for because this is the value they see in you. Make sure you start with that and make sure you send emails that are in line with that because that’s what’s really going to put you in a position so that they can buy from you once you at least give them some initial value on that niche.

There are very few niches that I can think of that you don’t have to give initial value upfront before you get people to pay for it on the back end. The ones I can think of are physical based products online. But if it smacks of sketchy online get-rich-quick schemes, you will have to give them a lot of upfront value the first time they see you.

The best approach I teach is regardless of which niche you are in is get their contact information. Specifically their email as soon as possible. Provide them with an initial value in return for their email and build that trust passively as your building your email. Then you’re going to make that sale on the backend.

The good thing is once you set that email sequence up for the first time there’s very little maintenance going forward if you set it up right on the front end. So leverage your email list.

Facebook Group: Niche Community Memberships

Last but not least guys Facebook groups. This is where I think the most powerful tool is on Facebook. You can make one passive too. You can schedule posts, you can build your community and you can engage without necessarily having to be there 24/7 You can have your team engage in your place but I personally like to build the relationships myself so I can know their needs their pain points so I can create content solutions for them.

The passive approach to this is in the posting. To really keep them up-to-date the benefit of the community it can eventually start feeding on itself the bigger it gets. People in the community will engage with each other. They’re going to have your content as that central knowledge base. They come in and learn from it and they’re going to buy your product. Especially if you do a good job. Facebook groups can be a very powerful tool. I would think in 2019 and 2020 I would have to say if I were to pick one thing outside of the ad program that Facebook has that can organically get you traffic is going to be facebook groups.

Facebook over the years has really reduced the amount of organic traffic they funnel to your feed and therefore your exposure is reduced on your feed. In groups, you can at least know a lot more of what’s going on with your users. The downside about those pages, in the past everybody who liked your page at least a good amount of them would see your content in their feeds once you publish the post but Facebook kind of got upset about that. Now they only give you about 5% of that traffic so I recommend you build the list and engage with your audience in Facebook groups.

The good thing about groups, they come to get the latest information. Yes, they will see stuff on their feed about you but the group page has the most updated stuff. They come to get the latest scoop. They will actively come to your group page because they know you engage with your community there.

So guys leveraging more of these Facebook tools can help you create passive income. That’s going to really put you in a position so that you can have that third income stream. That’s probably going to become your favorite income stream because you don’t have to to do a lot of work and have to put a lot of time once everything is established. It’s very important that you start that now.

As I told you guys earlier there are more ways to make passive income on Facebook but I want to make you aware of a few of them here. I get into more ways in my 7 step guide. It covers how to set up all your income streams, including your passive income. I am always coming up with custom solutions for the niche that matters most to you, and if you have additional questions or you’re stuck with anything, comment below. Also, tell me where are you at with your Facebook ads, objects and income on Facebook. Are you making any passive income on Facebook? I know a lot of you guys read my content so the next step is to go ahead and start engaging. I want to make sure I engage with you guys and really put us in the position so that we can help you out. I’ll see you guys in the next article.



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