How To Start Your Online Business With YouTube For Beginners!

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Whats up marketers and entrepreneurs? Rod here checking in wanting to bring you an article based on a question from the community. Tips for starting an online business with YouTube. I know a lot of you guys like watching YouTube videos and you have an interest in starting an online business. You’re wanting to see how you can make money in a field of strong interest and incorporate your skills at the same time. I want to give you guys some tips today so you can do just that.

YouTube is my personal favorite social media platform. In my opinion, video is one of the best ways to build an audience on the internet today. It is easy to build a relationship with your audience as they consume your information.

In the past video used to be very expensive to create videos and they took up a lot of bandwidth to upload and store. You had to have streaming video access. Compared to the bandwidth that is available today it is so much faster and easier. YouTube makes it so easy, you can just take your smartphone and start recording and upload it to YouTube at the same time. That why 2019 is a great time to start a business, get your message out and start prospecting for future customers. This is really going to put you in a position to win.

Have your Online Foundation In Place – 7 Step Guide

The first point I want to make is you need to have your foundation in place. If you don’t have your ducks in a row when you start your business online, it’s going to show. You will all over the place trying to see what works. In one video you might talk about photography. In another video, you might talk about food. In the next video, you talk about pets. You will be spreading yourself too thin, i.e. spinning your wheels. You have to have just one niche. You have to pick one problem to solve for that particular audience and then you can expand off of that problem once you are efficient at making money effectively online with that niche. Otherwise, you won’t have a business, you’ll have a hobby. I go into this in much more detail in my 7 Step Online Marketing Guide below. Your niche must be nailed down. I can’t emphasize that enough.

You should create a niche YouTube channel and start uploading simple unedited how-to videos in that niche. Start slow, build an audience and you will get better as you go. YouTubers are forgiving when it comes to editing. You won’t need a ton of traffic like to make a lot of money because you are providing niche specific information. On the other hand
Vloggers like Casey Neistat and entertainers need a lot of traffic to make a ton of money. Getting that kind of traffic is hard to replicate and unnecessary when you niche it down.

But what should shoot for is, like Casey Neistat, being able to consistently bring a high level of (informational) Vlogging to your audience and this way YouTube will start backing you and promoting you without having to do a lot of that yourself. But since you are just beginning, you won’t have that benefit so that’s why you have to have your foundation in place. I cover a lot of that foundation in my 7 step guide to get that started.

At the end of the day you have to have a niche and you have to have skills and you have to have knowledge in that nitch and you have to know how to solve problems in that niche and you can roll brand from there. You know what topic or what Niche you want to cover in your YouTube/online business and you want to really start putting your message out there on YouTube.

Build & Improve Your Video Presentation

Next step is you have to work on your video presence. First of all work on your set and background. Get the camera angle and lighting set up with a list of the topics and sub-topics you need to talk about. Then consider the tone you want to present so you can present the best message for your audience. Make your presentation make sense for your audience. But the key is to take action and understand that it’s always a work in progress. You never stop developing. I’m not going to tell you it’s just going to be set it and forget it but you’re going to see yourself getting better over time. Because you will have an audience who knows what to expect and they support you and buy your products and services.

In addition, you have to consider how you are going to really match the tone of your voice and look to your niche. For example, if your niche is investing don’t be wearing a t-shirt with a bar-b-que in the background. Your audience is going to expect your presentation to match your niche topic. But you will always be wanting to get better as you go. Just get it close at first and over time you will refine your presentation.

I’m always in the process of working on my presentation. Trying to get lighting better for example and that’s what you will be doing too. Create a video is much more than just your voice. It’s your tonality. It’s your background. It’s your body language. It’s your honesty and integrity. But remember it all depends on your video presentation on how people are going to perceive you. You have to make sure it’s in line with your messaging. Because if it ain’t lined up subconsciously people are not going to take you seriously. You got to get people to connect with you and your look in your presentation is a big part of that.

So you got to get your presentation in order and how you present yourself how you brand yourself and that’s all important and again it’s a work in progress. It’s never something that’s going to be able to set and forget it.

Enage & Collaborate With Other You Tubers On Your Niche

The last tip I have for you guys today is engagement with other YouTuber creators. You may think hey I don’t want to promote other YouTubers I want everybody to watch me, which is okay I can understand that but let me ask you have you ever seen only one person in a niche? No, you have several channels in a niche. When you research niche channels your going to be watching two to three YouTubers on a particular topic because you want to get those different perspectives. They are not necessarily competing with each other because they may have different styles and you will have a different style as well. But you’re in the same niche on the surface. It may seem like you guys are competing on the surface but you guys are targeting different solutions within the same niche. They may be target advanced clients and you may be targeting people at the beginning of their journey in that niche. But the advantage of this is it makes sense for you guys to collaborate because at the end of the day most of you guys know that when the water rises all boats will rise with it.

Why does this happen? well, you’ve got to understand the inner workings of YouTube’s search algorithms. I am not going to go into that here but suffice it to say you’re going to find out that YouTube looks for similar niche channels related to each other so when they direct traffic, they direct it to all the closely related channels. So that is a great benefit of actually working with other YouTubers and collaborating.

Also, engagement with your audience. There’s a lot of room for improvement in this area among YouTubers. So the more you get in front of this one the better you will be in the long run. Most YouTubers just put videos out and we don’t follow up with our audiences comments but you will stand out if you do this. This is the way to get people interested in your content and liking you. When someone watches your video and they felt compelled enough to leave feedback, that is someone who will engage with you for business in the future. They may not buy from you now but depending on if they have the issue that you have the solution for in the future you will have somebody who likes and knows and trusts you. If and when they need that service or any help in that niche, guess who they’re going to come to? They’re going to come to you because your the first one they will think of at the top of there mind.

So it’s important that you guys engage and make sure that it’s a two-way street. That’s the advantage of YouTube versus TV. TV is just one way, YouTube you can get feedback. People comment on videos all the time so go ahead and leverage that ability.

I could talk about this all day but I want to leave you with some cool things that everybody needs to get started and that is my 7-step guide below. Go ahead and sign up for that and leave your comments below as well. Tell me where you guys are at and what are some of your ideas for niches so I can tell you if it’s a good idea or not. If it’s a good idea than I can point you in a specific direction or use a specific strategy. Either way, I want to help so go ahead and comment below.



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