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Whats up marketers and problem solvers? Rod checking in wanting to bring you another article today and I am going to give you three awesome business ideas that’s going to really help you take your income your life to the next level. You can start that online business that you’ve been wanting to do. By doing this you can really put yourself in a position to take your lifestyle to the next level.

I know you guys are just trying to start your career or get it together. You probably got a nine to five job or you are a college student or you have a dead-end job. And you want to start that online business but you don’t have a good idea of what to do and you’re trying to figure out what’s the best approach so that you don’t waste a lot of time.

I want to give you guys 3 awesome business ideas so you can start to make money as a legitimate online business. I’m going to give you 3 specific ideas in specific niches. Obviously, there’s more than three but if you guys want more ideas we share a full list with the community the seven-step guide below.

Freelance Social Media Manager

So the first one I’m going to cover is a freelance social media manager. A lot of you guys watch my YouTube videos or read my articles and are interested in marketing. Asking yourselves what you need to do to make money online. Social media management or social media marketing provides value to business owners by helping them take their social media marketing to the next level. A lot of you guys already have the skills in social media. If you’re on Instagram or Facebook all the time, you already have the basic knowledge to get started. You just need to educate yourself on the finer points but you can find all of that information free online.

By being a user of social media it is fairly easy to figure out what do the end users or business customers need and that translates into what the business owners are needing and you can, therefore, provide those services.

At first, you’re not going to be able to charge top dollar but every new customer you get helps you make you more competitive. Meaning the money you charge goes up as your skills and the demand for your services increase. The good thing about this is the longer you have that particular customer or account the more dependable you become.

But first, you do an assessment. Find out what social media needs are in a particular niche. For example, what and how often do their competitors post. What are they doing? How can you help get their message across with social media and build that relationship with their customers and put them in a position so that they can make more money? In return, they’re going to give you some of that money. Being able to make more money for a business is what will make you stand out. So you’ve got to leverage that ability in order to make money as a freelance social media marketing agency. This way you can call your own shots and manage the accounts on your own terms.

As a freelancer, you avoid the limitations of working your nine to five job. The freelance social media marketing agency does not need to have a big team and you can build it how however you want. This will certainly put you in a position to build your marketing skills and make money at the same time.

Freelance Web Developer

Number two freelance web developer. A lot of you guys have computer skills or you are in software development. You can really leverage your tech skills as a freelance web development agency. You can start a business doing that pretty easily in 2019 guys. You’ve got to understand WordPress, content management and software apps, you can manage these things for clients.

I have a need for social media managers and web developers who really would like to master those particular skills. You don’t necessarily have to have a lot of degrees to do this and you can start it very little capital investment. You just need to position yourself correctly. It’s such an advantage now to be a web developer and really put yourself in a position to help people with their websites.

Helping people with their website may also involve developing custom apps and they don’t need to be an elaborate Facebook app or anything really technical. Most of the times you just need to do an assessment of what business owners are doing wrong with their current website. Whether they need to improve site speed or search ranking it is pretty easy to do in website builders like WordPress or Woocommerce. Business owners don’t want to have to deal with that stuff, they’d rather pay somebody to do that.

Business people think they have to go out and develop all this stuff themselves and that’s not the case. So that’s where having a web development business comes in. You can easily convince business people that they don’t have to do any of the web development stuff. In reality, they just want to know how you can speed up their website and get their message out there as quick and efficient as possible and try to automate some things so I don’t have to manually do stuff. This is a great pitch as a web developer and how you’re going to make money speaking the language of a business owner.

Freelance Web Design & Photography

Number three freelance web design and photography. There is a huge need for this and I know a lot of you guys may think hey there is a lot of stock photography sites out there and there’s already a lot of people doing that but guys few people are doing it in a way where it’s in a specific nitch. I am in the digital marketing niche and I go on one of those sites that have a ton of pictures it’s overwhelming for me. I don’t know the mood of the photography style and all that stuff. I have no interest in learning that. But if you want to start a business as a web designer or photographer you can come into a business and talk to a business owner like myself and say hey Rod it seems like you like this style your competitor is doing this and it’s a possibility that you can do it this way. I’ve got these images and I can position them right. We can do a couple of photo shoots. We’ll get a couple of images or stills from your videos and really put a great visual together for your particular brand.

Guys, you can do this over and over again and there’s always going to be a need for it. You can provide this service on a monthly or quarterly basis. Using photography to get a businesses message and graphics out there. You can also do courses, articles, Instagram, YouTube just any kind of imagery. A freelance web designer or photographer can really position themselves to be a valuable asset for a team. The best part is there are not a lot of people out there who are willing to do this kind of work and position themselves to help business owners.

Some photographers and even web designers have the thought that they want to go out and do the artsy type stuff. Which is fine if you want to be broke. I guarantee you there is a lot of photographers out there who have the potential to make a lot of money online and they have the raw skills they just need the mindset and the steps to really get started.

That’s where my 7 step guide comes in. In each of these niches, you have to have the raw skill already. You just need help monetizing it in a way we’re a business owner can see the value in you. You need to make them see how you are going to bring value to the table with more traffic and therefore money to the business. This way with your specific skills in return they’re going to give you some of that money. In order to grow as a business, you need to think in this way. What does that business owner want? And position yourself to satisfy those needs so that business owner can help you get started. That’s how you make money online in any niche.

These are just three niches that have so much potential but there so many more niches out there. You can do things in gardening, writing, woodworking, there are just so many great niches.

But the three that I covered here today are going to be great in 2019 and beyond. The key is to look for the niches that are not being leveraged by people like yourself that have the raw skills that may be working 9 to 5 looking to start this on the side. If you don’t want to jump in and take the risk all at once, you can do this while you’re working 9 to 5. I have a two-pronged approach. First of all, you have to have your main job nailed down. This is your main active income that puts food on the table. Second is where you’re going to start your online business in a specific niche and you’re going to start doing part-time freelance work get a couple of accounts and grow to the point where it’s making more money than your main job. Then once you got that nailed down, you should start passive income sources.

Getting your part-time online business to match your full-time income is the hardest part because it is a mental hurdle that you need to overcome. Believing that you can do it is key. Thinking that it’s too hard or that you got to have special permissions or licenses which is not the case for most niches can hold you back so be aware and maintain a positive can-do attitude.

But right now you need you to take the next step and get my seven-step guide to getting started. In there I list other business ideas for you and I get into much more detail by walking you through it step-by-step.

If you have questions specifically for your niche, we can customize solutions for you. Also if you are already doing an online business tell us where are you at with your business. Have you gotten started with branding or getting customers? Go ahead and share that with the community and we’re going to see if we can help you guys out and put you in a position so that you can move forward and take that next step in your business. Like and subscribe to the content and as always if you have additional questions, comment below. I’ll see you guys in the next article.



Rod Robinson

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