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How to Earn Money from Home with Internet Marketing

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Whats up marketers and entrepreneurs rod checking in here wanting to bring you guys another article. Today we’re going to talk about making money from home with internet marketing. I see a lot of videos online about making money from home and there’s a lot of scheming going on but I just want to give you guys a straightforward way to make money from home. I am at home now and I am making money so I feel like I’m qualified enough to at least give you some advice on making your first $100 a day or even more. I want to give you guys some tips and tricks to get you started.

Guys if you don’t know who I am my name is Rod Robinson and I’m a digital marketing consultant for Digilink Marketing and I have helped students and business owners take their career and their money to the next level. If you like what you hear today even if you just want to check things out I have some goodies at the end of this article to get you started. You can also join the community and really start making money with digital marketing.

Have A Dedicated Space For Work Only, And It Should Always Be Ready For Work

So that being said guys so let’s start talking about making money from home. A lot of you guys have to start treating your side hustle or your job as a legitimate source of income as a business. If you want to make serious money you have to take it seriously. If you’re at home it’s so important that you section off areas of your house dedicated specifically for making money specifically for your business. There’s a lot of reasons why you should do this, one because of taxes and legal reasons and another is just a state of mind. If you want to be productive, you got to put yourself in the zone. A lot of advanced marketers and entrepreneurs agree. You have to get in that zone when you start making money and taking your skills and crafts to the next level.

I got a few points I want to make but first I want to know what you guys have been struggling with regarding making money from home with internet marketing. This way I can start gearing my content toward what my audience wants. So go ahead and write your comments below about your experience with digital marketing; your successes or failures or what problems have you been having. I will then do some content specifically about what you guys want and give you customized content.

So now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. The first point I want to give you is you have to start treating your business as a business. The problem is when you’re at home you may think you can just sit and put your feet up and be lazy at the house. You have to stop and take it seriously because you’re not going to make any money, your kids are going to destroy everything because you don’t take your work area seriously. Even if you have an apartment you need to set up a specific place to run your business. Even if its just a room or just segment a room but you must say hey this is where I take care of business. Always have it cleaned and ready to go.

Optimize Your Home Workspace For Content Creation.

In my office I have my lighting and camera ready to go as soon as I sit down and start to make a new video. I could just pop on these lights and record videos immediately. It’s important that you guys do this too because you have to eliminate any obstacles, things that can go wrong. If you don’t get it set up it’s going to affect your productivity. you are in a much better position when you can just come in sit down and turn on the camera and start recording and all you have to do is upload it from there. Getting your office set up should be a no brainer. Because creating the content is the most important part and you should not have any obstacles to creating your content.

So, you got your office area set up now you have to keep it clean and ready to work. Keep your camera ready, make sure you could shoot content at a moments notice. That brings us to the next point I want to make. You’re going to have to create content whether it be a service page, ads whatever. You’re going to be creating a lot of content to make money from home if you’re going to start a website if you’re going to start a YouTube channel you going to do anything on Facebook anything you do online starts and ends with content. Your blog, service pages, your email list, your squeeze pages, this stuff requires content. Content is king even at home and the key thing is you want to structure yourself so that once you sit down you are in that content creation zone.

I want to get you in that zone to create content for everything that is involved in your business. Your audience comes to you because of your content so your content is going to be the cornerstone of whatever you do even from home. So gear your home office area to facilitate content creation.

You have to have a smooth workflow when creating content at home. That is why it is so important to have a clean designated area specifically for your business. Evan if you have a large closet, anything with heat and air, will work. If that is the only option you have, go with that until you can make enough money to expand.

Promote Your Content As You Would In Your Normal Job – Take Your Home Office Seriously

ok, so you got your online workplace segmented off at home, you got your niche, you know your brand, your audience, your messaging, you create your content, articles, videos, or podcasts. Now you have to promote and sell your products or services affiliate or otherwise. You will have problems if you do this backward. Most people start promoting and selling, this is not going to work in the long run. Promoting products and services, drop shipping, affiliate marketing is the last thing you do. I get into more detail in my seven-step guide below.

So, guys, you want to make sure that you promote to your audience effectively. This is why picking your niche is so important when you are an authority on your subject you have an intimate knowledge of your audience. Just don’t just promote blindly to everybody coming across as a used car salesman. You should know your subject and by extension your audience. That includes the demographics of your audience. Besides age, sex, and location this includes what they like, what they don’t like, when they come on the internet and where what are their problems and what are the solutions. In addition, you need to know what your competitors are doing with their audience so that you know what differentiates yourself from them. Knowing who your target audience is and who likes to buy your product and or services and what stage of the buying process they’re in this is where you’ve got to be laser-focused. Mastering this is what separates the men from the boys.

When you do this, people are going to trust you because they know hey this guy’s is not a fly by night trying to sell me something. You will stand out from the digital marketers who only want to sell. Your audience is going to be curious you’re not trying to only sell them something. Based on people who are curious about your product they know you sell something but you’re not trying to sell to them, that’s beside the point.

Being laser-focused in knowing who your audience is and not overselling to them, having your products, knowing you got the experience and confidence, that your product sells itself. You can do this from home. Then you could put processes in place to scale so you don’t have to work as hard.

I know I went on a tangent there but the point is you can make money with digital/online marketing from home but you have to treat it like a business you have to be serious about it. You can’t just willy-nilly decide you’re going to work from home and wing it like 90% of the businesses that fail over time. But when you take your home based business seriously and follow the steps I outlined above. With the mindset of commitment you will win.

So guy if you like the information I put here or have questions or have issues you have been dealing with in your digital marketing career go ahead and comment below and tell me what your experience has been working from home. Do you like to work from home? What are some of the things keeping you from working at home?

So, guys, I go into much more detail in my courses so go ahead and get on my mailing list by getting your copy of my 7 step freelancers guide to digital marketing below. I’m going to start prioritizing engagement and I want you guys to start engaging with my community more. Right now I’m in the process of putting out a lot of content and refining my message and I want to make sure I listen to your questions and concerns. So, your feedback is important to me. I want to customize the content to your needs. I’m going to have a consultation page where you can do this but right now we’re doing it in the comments or going to my contact form. Like and subscribe to the content and I’ll see you guys in the next article.