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Make $100 Day with YouTube Passive Income in 2019

YouTube passive income

WhatsApp marketers and entrepreneurs? Rod checking in wanting to bring you guys another article. Today I’m going to talk about passive income via YouTube. A lot of you guys like YouTube, a lot of you guys like passive income, and a lot of you guys are trying to figure out how you can leverage YouTube to get passive income. Well, I have three talking points that I’m going to cover today and I’m going to get you started with those.

Obviously, there are more than three ways to get your passive income from YouTube and I get into more strategies in my free 7 Step Guide below, so go ahead and sign up for that so you can really take your YouTube and passive income to the next level.

A lot of you guys see the glamorous side of passive income and you want to do the same. You may see people being on the beach drinking a margarita and sitting with their laptop and seeing money coming in. You can get to that point but it’s going to take some work. It’s going to take you guys being strategic about what you’ve got to do to really put yourself in the position to make that passive income.

YouTube is a critical resource in making that happen. YouTube can really put you in a position to win.

No Content No Income

So number one point guys no content, no income. Some of you guys think you can come on YouTube and expect to put up canned videos made by someone else and expect that to work, no. You’ve got to start a brand. You’ve got the build content and trust. But this can do this while you sleep if done right. When you can create a video, put it up on Youtube and it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even while you sleep.

YouTube will, depending on the type of content you create, will promote your content. They will put your content in front of people who have problems that you could solve. This is something that doesn’t require any activity from you, i.e. done passively for you. You will get people subscribing to your channel and you will get people to trust you just like I’m doing now with my 7 step guide. I’m getting you guys to sign up for that so that you can find your niche.

Say for example gardening, you can start a garden or a photography Channel, create your videos, start doing tutorials, giving instructions and providing guides. Once you do that, you can go off and do something else. That video is going to be working for you in the background. YouTube has that level of power.

The best way to gain your audience’s confidence and trust are through visual means. They see you, they look at your body language, they hear your voice, your tonality. There’s so much stuff you can do on YouTube that you can’t do from other platforms. So leverage your content let’s put it in a way where you could put that video out there and you can make money while you sleep.

The best feeling in the world is when you wake up in the morning and see somebody purchased your course or somebody consumed your content. You’re helping people without having to be in front of them. Obviously at some point, you want to engage with them, you want to do meetups and chats and provide customer service but for the most part, you can, I repeat you can make money passively via YouTube. A very powerful tool guys.

Don’t Follow Trends

Talking point number two, do not follow trends. So it’s tempting to follow trends and to create videos and content on those trends but stick with your niche. Stick with what makes you unique. Follow that strategy to the T. Obviously you’re going to have one or two pieces of content you can make money via other topics but you want 95% of your content to be in your niche positioning yourself in a certain niche.

Trends are okay if you position yourself accordingly. But don’t necessarily run to the trend or don’t follow the trend. If for some reason your Niche has a trendy topic and you are already talking about that, then you can position yourself to be in an authority for that trend and leverage that trend. But don’t chase it, don’t switch your content or strategies around trying to follow trends. That’s not going to work.

You may even get to the point where you get traffic from the trends but you’re going to quickly find out trends are trends for a reason. For example, if you get in on a trend too late, how many people bought fidget spinners. A lot of people got rich off of those but I guarantee you some poor guy somewhere had a whole lot inventory or went off and leveraged his house to buy fidget spinner inventory towards the end of that trend and now they’re going bankrupt because they can sell them any more.

Also, trends create processes that are just not replicable. You need to put in place processes and you are able to replicate when you’re dealing with passive income. With passive income you get the people to come to you inbound yeah you do a little outbound here and there but most of the passive income is generated by people coming in, seeing your ads and they like your specific niche and they have a problem or a need in that topic and they’re going to come to you in the future. Guess who they went to for trends in the past? They don’t know because they don’t remember because trends are like that because there’s no branding involved. so guys keep that in mind and stay away from trends.

Solve Evergreen Problems 

Number three, solve problems in the evergreen niches. Evergreen problems are the main source of passive income. If you want consistent passive income, you have to solve problems in an evergreen niche. This way you’re going to make money year after year. An evergreen niche is in the health, wealth and finance categories. Those are the main ones but there are tons more guys. Again I get into more detail send my 7 step marketing guide so check it out. The link is at the bottom of this article.

In my 7 step guide, I give you examples of niches that are going to help you make that passive income over and over and over again in the evergreen niches. That is the core reason why passive income works because people are going to always have issues in the evergreen industries. People are always going to need to solve problems in the evergreen niches. People are always going to have a need for cameras or gardening or software development or technology. All these needs are going to exist 5, 10, 20 years from now. The question is what type of content is going to be available to help them to solve those problems. That’s where you come in with your passive income guys it. It’s so important that you position yourself for this passive income and claim that niche.

So, guys, I don’t want to make my content too general I want you guys to position yourself for success. What I need you to do is I need you to start making content. Have you even picked your niche? Are you trying to get a job? Are you trying to start a business? Are you trying to do freelance? Once you decide on that, then pick your niche. Get that income coming in so you can take care of your bills. Make sure you got food on the table. Make sure you can survive. Next, you want to start creating income over and above what you need to survive, i.e. your passive income so that you could start making money while you sleep. That’s the difference between active income and passive income.

At first, you’re going to be growing your active income and that requires your time. It’s going to require you to be there which is okay. Then at the same time start creating your passive income. After we do the initial setup, we want our passive income to grow as much as possible, by positioning ourselves and by doing the three things that I mentioned in this article.

So, guys, I urge you to really start prioritizing your passive income once you get your active income squared away. In either case, you will be making money with your skills, your knowledge, whatever business or job you’re going to do to take care of your active income. Then you want to start positioning yourself for more and more passive income over time. It’s going to grow and it’s definitely going to become your favorite because you don’t have to do much to keep it going. Once you get it going, once that snowball starts rolling and gets it off the ground, you got your brand working for you, your technology is working for you, your content is working for you and all those things you’re doing on YouTube.

You’re going to be amazed at how much your passive income is going to be automated after you set up these processes and procedures. I can hit this passive income with YouTube strategies in a lot of different ways. In the meantime tell me what problems you are having passive income. What are you doing on YouTube to set up your passive income? How much are you making with passive income? Give me your story and comment below and then sign up for my free 7th step marketing guide if you haven’t done so already. Then subscribe to my Youtube channel and like this video. Let’s start making our passive income and taking it to the next level. I’ll see you guys in the next article.



3 Ways How To Make Money On Instagram

Hello, marketers and entrepreneurs, Rod here checking in with another article. Today I will be talking about how to make money with Instagram in 2019. You guys already know I like to talk about affiliate marketing and online business content and today we’re going to focus on Instagram. I’m going to talk about how to get you guys started making money on Instagram.

Instagram is a popular social media platform that I’m sure you guys are familiar with. I am here to help you leverage the Power of Instagram. I’m going to give you guys three important talking points. But before I get started as always I would like to remind you to leave any questions in the comments below. Questions specifically regarding how to make money on Instagram. Or if you already are making money on Instagram and would like to share your experience, please go ahead and do that in the comments below and I will answer all of them tailor my answers to your specific needs.

I get into more marketing detail in my free 7 step guide and you’ll see that link at the end of this article. We also have a growing community who we specifically helped make money with Instagram and getting your digital business off the ground. We help put you and your online business in a position to win.

Tell A Story With Your Photos – Not Just Random Images All The Time.

My first talking point is so important. You need to be careful not to come across as being a spammer or a scammer. You must be able to resonate with people’s needs, problems, issues, successes, etc. The way to do this is to tell stories with your photos. It took me a while to catch on to this. I used to post pictures of things unrelated to my niche. Like it was my personal account. But I realized I had to take a different approach when it came to my business.

Yes, you want to build a relationship with your audience by sharing your life experiences. But the thing is you want them to take a specific action. You want them to either buy your product or subscribe to your email list. So it’s very important that you tell a story that puts them in in a state of mind that they want to take action or build a relationship with you. Random pictures just don’t do that.

Depending on your niche will depend on what content you put out there in your pictures. For example, you can post pictures with motivational type messages and this way here they could be more motivated to take action. When you are starting your Instagram business you have to be able to strategically post pictures that will

  • Introduce them to your business
  • Build awareness
  • Build trust
  • Put them in a state of mind to take action

By doing this you will take your marketing career to the next level. Once your audience becomes familiar with you, they will be more ready to take action.

Instagram is not like other platforms where you have a business element that is prominent and obvious, where you are actively looking for new business. When you’re scrolling through Instagram you looking at just pictures and when you’re scrolling through pictures you’re not necessarily looking like buy something. You are merely scrolling through pictures. So you have to understand the state of mind of someone who’s scrolling through these pictures on Instagram. They are not necessarily looking for a specific product or service, they are looking to be entertained so you should not bombard them with sales pitch after sales pitch. That is not the right way to grow your business on Instagram.

The best way is to first resonate with them. What I mean by resonate is you need to make them feel like they have something in common with you. So display the lifestyle of your business and personal life as it relates to the lifestyle of a digital marketer. Show pictures of what you do as a digital marketer, your office, your team, your screenshots. That way they could resonate with something that will inspire them to be like you. To have what you have. Every now and then you could show off your car or your house or your family but plug your business when doing it. Have them resonate with your business, personal lifestyle and even your community. The things that you do for fun on the side, even pictures of you and your team out having fun. Anything that will help them to resonate with something that you have posted in your Instagram pictures.

Some example will be:

  • Pictures of how you produce your product or service
  • Motivation pictures with motivational text overlaid.
  • Pictures that will put your audience in a state of mind to
    • take action
    • want to be like you
    • make them want to get started

This is where your links come in. You can put links to your site in your pictures and in the description area of your Instagram post. Recently Instagram has added an option at the bottom left-hand corner to make it easier for your audience to click and sign up. Making your audience more likely to take action and getting involved with your community. As a side note, Instagram is looking to leverage businesses more. So this is a great time to get involved with Instagram.

The point is you want to be able to tell a story in your pictures without coming across as spammy. Instead, come across as helping them out while you’re telling your story about your life and your business.

Stay In Your Lane – Don’t Be An Expert In Everything (Pinching Too Many Product Offers)

Talking point number two. Stay in your lane guys. Don’t be a jack of all trades and try to be an expert at everything. Stay in your niche. Yes you can post random pictures outside of your niche but you don’t want to come across as being an expert when you are not. For example, you could post a random picture about your car but you don’t want to come across as a car expert. You can post things on the peripheral of your Niche but don’t go far outside of your niche. You want to be your audience’s go-to guy to solve their problems.

For example, when people see a picture of me they can count on seeing a post about digital marketing. So my audience knows that when they have a need for online marketing, they can come to me. They don’t want to see me rebuilding a car or seeing a random picture other than digital marketing. Every blue moon you can post a random picture but that is all.

What this does is give your audience the feeling that you are always putting them first. You will always come across as providing value to your audience. Being aware of your audience’s needs so they will come to you to solve their problems. The ratio could be 10 to 1, for every 10 times you post pictures in your niche you should post one random picture outside of your niche. But even with that random one, you can give a little bit more content to that picture in relation to your niche. For example, you could say hey I’m taking a break from marketing, chilling out. You still mentioned in your Niche by it’s putting that picture into context. That goes along with telling that story where you actually have down times outside of your niche.

I cover this more in my seventh step digital marketing guide. The link is below. I am giving that away for free for a while so get it while it’s still free. There is a lot of good information in there.

Don’t Hard Hard Sell In Every Post.

Last but not least my third talking point is don’t hard sell on each and every post. Being part of a digital marketing community like Instagram puts you in a position to see that the hard sell doesn’t work. Me being a digital marketer I like to sit back and observe other people and how they do their strategies. When it comes to digital marketing on Instagram I cannot imagine anyone subscribing to someone who’s constantly pitching them.
These marketers wonder why they are not succeeding.

You do not want to come across as a hard sell used car salesman who is just going to sell you on anything and everything that he has in inventory. Going back to an earlier point I made, you need to consider your audience’s problem and offer them the solution first before selling them anything.

The used car salesman type marketing and the old style sales books out there that push the hard sell DO NOT WORK in today’s online world and especially on Instagram. Guys we are in 2019 whenever you overpitch you rub people the wrong way, you make them feel uncomfortable and you don’t want to do that. Years ago where people didn’t have many options where they were not up on things, people didn’t have options, people weren’t knowledgeable about products. You could get away with the hard sell because they didn’t have the knowledge to challenge you and there wasn’t a lot of other choices so they would settle for what they could get at the moment. But it’s not like that today. In 2019 people can Google search what they are looking for and get information on products instantly and they have many places to buy form.

Bottom line is your audience already has an idea of what they want, so the last thing you want to do is try to pitch them on something unrelated to what they have in mind. That’s why it’s so important to understand your audience’s needs and issues. That’s why it’s so important to ask your audience what they want and what they need.

I can talk about this subject all day but like I said before I want to gear my content around the problems you are having or were you stuck at and how you want to make money and strategize based off of that specifically for Instagram.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or problems you are having on Instagram, start a conversation below in the comment section. I am focused on taking your life, your career, your business to the next level. I go into this in more detail in my 7 step guide giving you a lot of insight about how to take your career to the next level.

See you guys in the next article.



How to Make Money on Clickbank in 2019 ($100 Per Day!)

Make money on clickbank

What’s up marketers in entrepreneurs, Rod checking in bringing you guys an article on ClickBank today. I want to give you guys something specifically for 2019. I want to give you some tips on how to make that first $100 a day by taking your skills, your jobs and your business to the next level. ClickBank is an online site that has a lot of affiliate marketing offers. It gives you an opportunity to make money without having your own products. All of their products are the digital niche type and you have a wide variety of products. All of the poeple selling products on Clickbank are offering you an opportunity to promote their products to your audience and make money doing it.

A lot of the ClickBank content doesn’t give you specifics. So I want to go as deep as possible without making this article too long. I’ve got a few tips for you today.

Pick Offers That Match Your Content & Message

The first tip is pick affiliate offers that match your content, skills, knowledge, and message. I see this all the time people just want to promote products that have the highest payout. This is not the best strategy. You’re going to come across as a sell-out. I don’t care how good you shine it up but everybody knows if you go to ClickBank right now when you sort the offers and you sort by price, that’s what most people are promoting. Just the sheer fact that you’re not going to be promoting the highest price offers is going to set you apart from the competition. You want your audience to know you’re not in it just for the money. You’re here to help your customer, client or prospect. There are other options out there that can personally make you more money but you should not push that down their throat. That’s less money in my pocket in the short-term but that’s okay because I know the life value of that client is going to be larger in the long-term. If you do this you’re going to position yourself for success.

Not pushing high affiliate commission products is going to set you apart because not everybody is going to be promoting the lowest commissions products. I’m not going to say the lowest price but something that makes sense for your content and audience. Pick multiple offers that make sense. We want to create a stack of offers so over time once we create content, we got a content marketing strategy going on any platform.

Pick Multiple offers that you can Promote In Sequence

So pick a niche and you stick with it because once it makes sense for you and your audience and they see your content time and time again your affiliate offers are going to make sense for them. This way you don’t have to force the highest price ClickBank offer down their throat. Instead, promote more of the offers in sequence that make sense for your content.

The point I’m trying to make is creating value, solve problems and create relationships and then place your affiliate offers where it makes sense. Don’t come across too heavy, it’s got to naturally make sense, and that’s going to make the difference.

Don’t Base Decision Only On Price.

Another tip. I see online where there’s a lot of digital marketers who promote the same products. The reason is simply that those products are the highest paying affiliate offers. For example, a lot of people promote Bluehost because quite frankly Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income posted income statements of his Bluehost commission. He made over six figures a year promoting Bluehost. Now everyone is promoting Blue host. The problem is Pat got in early and now Bluehost lowered changed their affiliate commission rate and not only that do you really want to force people to change hosting platforms just so you can make an affiliate commission?

Just focus on your content and related products and make money without having that headache of moving people to different platforms. Besides all the platforms are relatively the same anyway. At least all the top hosting platforms are relatively in the same boat so you’re not going to be giving a ton of advantages by switching web host companies.

I go into more detail on Clickbank in my 7 step freelance guide to digital marketing. So go ahead and click on the button below to get your copy.

Please comment on this article. Let me know how you make money on Clickbank, tell me what’s going on with your ClickBank strategy. I will continue to add more articles, comment on any suggestions you would like me to write about. Subscribe to the content and if you have any additional questions go ahead and post them in the comments below. Also, go ahead and let me know which social media platforms you prefer. I’ll make sure I bring you my content to those other social media platforms as well.


Rod Robinson

How To Make Money On Amazon : Best Tips for Beginners

how to make money on amazon

What’s up marketers in problem solvers, Rod checking in. Today we’re going to talk about how to make money with Amazon. I’m going to give you guys a step-by-step on how I actually got started. We always give you a general overview on each topic but when you want more detailed information check out my free 7th step freelance guide below.

Amazon is an e-commerce site where you can basically buy anything and everything online. If you think you have to have a product to actually make money on Amazon, think again. You don’t need to sell any product directly but what you can do is make money as an affiliate. That’s where I’m going with this article. That’s where I focus my efforts on this site, digital marketing. I want to put you guys in a position where you can still build a brand with Amazon and make money without having a product necessarily getting in the way of the terms and conditions at Amazon.

Amazon is in the businesses of making money for Amazon. They are only promoting Amazon branding. You need to know how to navigate this whole Amazon thing. If you try to insert your brand in Amazon and they will deactivate your account pretty fast. There are ways that you could promote your brand and really make money without necessarily having to do all the hard work to get started and affiliate marketing is the way to go.

Promote Affiliates Link on Niche WordPress Site

I got four points I want to cover today so let’s get started. I am a huge proponent of setting up a Words Press authority site in a tight niche. It could be a niche site, it could be as an authority site, it could be a local site, regardless of what kind of site it is as long as it’s branded. It could be a product or service and you can make money on Amazon via affiliate marketing.

Amazon has millions of products. Amazon has products that you ever see in a brick-and-mortar store. You can actually buy pretty much anything on Amazon. Obviously, it’s got to be legal and it’s got to fit the terms of services. Let me give you an example. If I create a photography website, I’m going to be teaching you a lot about photography equipment. How to set up your equipment, lighting, background, the camera, everything. All the equipment I’m telling you about, I provide my affiliate link to Amazon for that piece of equipment. You can promote Canon you can promote pretty much anything and everything in this way and make money from it. Obviously, the commission is based on what you promote but the idea is the same, you can make money without necessarily selling the camera or lighting. I don’t have to have any knowledge of how to sell that stuff. I could just promote their products and they’ll give me a piece of the pie. The advantage of this vs selling your products directly is when you send traffic to Amazon it doesn’t matter what they buy you still make a commission whereas if you are only selling products if they don’t buy your particular product then you don’t make a sale.

Amazon is not the only place that does this JVzoo ClickBank, Walmart, Target, all the retailers have affiliate programs. Today we’re only going to focus on Amazon. But if you have a specific of affiliate program you want me to talk about, put a request in the comments section below and I’ll cover it for you guys in another article.

So go ahead and set up your niche authority WordPress website, local site whatever a kind of website you have depending on the specific content your focusing. But do not be too general, a niche site is going to resonate much more with your audience and in the long run, you’re going to make more money.

Promote Affiliates Link on YouTube Channel

This is the best way to make money on Amazon and the concept is the same for a YouTube channel. As you talk about a specific product you put links to that product in the description box or in the overlay cards and say go check out that camera or lighting equipment and you can make money that way too.

Promote Amazon Affiliates Link on Email List

An email list is another way you guy’s can make money with affiliate marketing. You send out a ton of emails to your subscribers, tell them to go to your website and then they click on Amazon affiliate links that way. But the end result is the same. you can get to make money on Amazon via your email list.

Indirect promotion via social media channel

Last but not least social media platforms. I’m kind of lukewarm on Facebook. Depending on what area of Facebook, if you’re working with pay to advertise, it’s going to be hard to work with affiliate links on Facebook. I don’t want you to go that route but what I want you to do is build your email list with YouTube and then you can promote affiliate marketing products via your email list this way, you get the best of both worlds. You can get traffic to your site from your social media accounts. Or you can get traffic to your youtube video from your social media accounts. Forums work that way too.

The main idea is to focus on ways that you can build your brand, your relationship with customers directly on your website first. Then monetize it with Amazon affiliate marketing.

Let me know your experience with Amazon affiliate marketing in the comment section below. I’m creating new courses every day so that we can really put you in a position to win. When we have a community with the same issues that are also going to put us all in a position to win. If you guys have additional questions or comments let me know in the comment section below.

My 7th step guide goes into more detail and will take your digital marketing skills to the next level. Also if you want to do freelance or you want to start an agency or business we have you covered as well. So go ahead and clink on the link below, it’s free. I’ll see you guys in the next article.



Best Way To Make Money Online with Google as a Broke Beginner

make money online with google blog

What’s up marketers and problem solver Rod here wanting to bring you guys another article today. I want to talk about how to make money with Google even as a broke entrepreneur or broke student or broke anything. We’re going to really put you guys in a position so that you can make money so you not going to be broke. I have just four points that I’m going to go over today. Google is a great platform because it has a ton of traffic and a ton of opportunity. I want to give you guys some real-world strategies so that you can make money and not be broke anymore. Even if you are broke now you can actually start these strategies and get your site started.

First, let me give you a few prerequisites. Before applying these strategies I am about to give you, please have a business idea, knowledge of a specific industry and how to solve specific problems in that industry. These strategies are going to be hard for you to implement if you don’t have these prerequisites. Only because you have to create specific content to showcase your knowledge and be able to help people. I have a 7 step guide below to help you pick your Niche and help you get those prerequisites down. The link to my 7 step guide is below. It is a digital marketing/affiliate marketing/freelance career guide. It’s free right now so go ahead and click on the link below so that you guys can take advantage of my free guides while they’re there free.

You have to have that Niche and how to solve problems down pat. Then you’ll be good to go. But you may think hey I don’t have knowledge in anything but if you think about it, a lot of you guys are really techie, maybe you have experience with cell phones, cameras, video equipment, or computers. That’s information that people want to know about online and if that’s a niche that you’re interested in, you can really help people solve problems. So pick a specific niche, it may be a small niche but it’s okay you’re going to make a ton of money this way. You don’t have to have a lot of people come into your website in order to make money .

Create a WordPress Site

The next step is to have a WordPress site I would prefer you have a paid WordPress site where you go to GoDaddy or Bluehost to set up a domain name and hosting. If you prefer to go the free route because your broke, then there is the free site that I recommend. It’s going to have ads, it’s not going to be streamlined like the paid route but it’s a way to get started. BUT I don’t want you to be on free platform long, it’s just a stepping stone to get you guys started. The minute you start making money you want to start to migrate your website to a proper domain name and hosting.

Once you start your platform on up, that is going to be your location where you can actually start making money on Google. You can start making money on Google with ads pretty fast on because
Words Press is a trusted site. Google is going to allow you to put ads on your site and be able to make money. It’s going to be limited and you’re not going to be able to do a lot with it but it gets you in the door. While you have a job, go ahead and save you a little money. When you are ready, then migrate to your own domain.

Once Google can index your content, they will be able to provide ads to your particular visitors. Once you have your ads going, you can add some affiliate links, and after that, you can add your own products.

Start Writing SEO Friendly Articles On Your Website

The next tip we’re going to give you is you must write seo-friendly articles. Google finds you by text that you write. You need to take this into consideration. Write your titles and metadata with this in mind also. I go into more depth with this in my 7 step guide. You may think hey I don’t have the knowledge to get ranked high but you’d be surprised if you provide a really thorough article that solves people’s problems it will resonate with Google. Because there’s a ton of generic content out there so it is easy to rank above that when you have your niche down.

Once you get to this point you really need to have your own domain name (, web hosting, and branding. And then you can be the consultant for that particular industry and you can make a ton of money. You with your own personal brand and expand to your business brand so you always had that level of flexibility. It’ll work for you now at the beginning and it will work for you when you expand into the intermediate and advanced stages.

Start Promoting Your Content

ok, so you have your WordPress site setup, you have your SEO content you have your articles, you have your images. Now you want to promote it. This is where you actually go to social media to promote it. You have a lot of options and a lot of them are free. I prefer the paid options because its targeted and faster but when you’re just getting started it’s best to go with social media. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the primary ways to get a lot of organic traffic. Forums help too. Quora is one also good and one of my favorites. I love Quora because you can get ideas about content, engage with people who have the problem that you’re trying to solve and you can easily turn these people into customers. People on Quora actively in the mindset of trying to find solutions to a problem. Make it your business to stand out as an expert. That’s money in the bank for you.

Don’t be affraid, jump right on in and start promoting yourself. Promote your business. A lot of artists and a lot of content creators say hey I can just create the content or the video or the pictures and the people will come. A lot of times that works depending on how good your content is but in a lot of cases you have to promote this content in order for it to work.

So, guys, I want you to promote your content, especially at the beginning. In my 7 step guide below I tell you how to promote your stuff too.

Engage With Your Audience

Last but not least you need to engage with your audience. I am still working on this myself. A lot of times I get wrapped up into creating the content and trying to monetize the content that I forget about my audience. Engaging directly with your audience builds a long-term audience. Google loves engagements because engagement keeps people on your website and on Google longer. Google has more opportunities for you to see those ads on your site and of course your affiliate links too. As long as you’re engaging people on your platform Google will love you. This can really put yourself in the position to win.

I cover all this and more in my 7-step freelance guide below. So go ahead and check it out, it’s free and it will take you to the next level. Go ahead and start a conversation with me in the comments. I’ll see you guys in the next article.


Rod Robinson