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Start Internet Marketing For Beginners | STEP BY STEP

internet marketing for beginners

What’s up marketers in entrepreneurs? Rod checking in wanting to bring you another article. Today I’m going to talk about getting started with internet marketing. A lot of you guys who are just starting out trying to get your career off the ground, starting your freelance career or starting your business with internet marketing trying to figure out how to get started I got three talking points today on how to do just that. I am here to help you take your income and experience to the next level. When it comes to internet marketing like everything else you have to start somewhere and I am here to make sure we get you guys off the ground right.

Obviously, there are more than three tips or strategies you will need and I provide a lot more detail in my 7 step marketing guide check out the link below. It gives you more detail and provides a step-by-step guide to taking your internet marketing career to the next level even as a beginner. So go ahead and sign up for that, it’s free and the link is below at the end of this article so go ahead and sign up for that so that you can get your copy while it is free.

Start With The Online Platform You Know

The first strategy is to start with the platform you know. Beginners tend to go with an internet platform that is sexy or trendy at the moment. A platform that everybody is using because you think you will get the most traffic or exposure from that platform is misleading. You shouldn’t change platforms because it is popular or trendy or you think that your messaging and skills will improve. You’re going to find out that you will get results faster by working on the platform you are already on or know best because you can leverage the skills you already have. By starting with the platform you know best, you will get results faster. You will get your message out there faster. You will get your internet marketing strategies underway faster and easier. The reason is it will be easier for you to expand to the next platform because you already know the basics of your core platform.

For example, if you have skills using the YouTube or Facebook platform, stick with that and start building your audience from there. Find out how to get specific information, provide value and survive on your preferred platform. Find out how and where the users of that platform go when they are looking for certain things. Know how that platform works inside and out.

You may be good at Reddit, you may be good at Instagram, some of you guys may even be good at Twitter but start with what you know and expand from there. Because the bottom line is you’re going to be less likely to fail if you start with what you know. You’re not going to be as irritated, you’re not going to be forced to do something you don’t want to do because you’re already using those platforms anyway so it’s going to increase your chances of really being successful at internet marketing.

Even if you may feel like you’re not going to get as many customers on your preferred platform, that is not the goal at the beginning. It is to start with solving problems, getting your messaging and your branding squared away. Once you know how to solve problems in y9our niche and once you build the trust on the message, then you could expand to other platforms from there.

I don’t want you guys worrying about unnecessary things while you’re getting your core skills built. I’d rather you not focus on the platform until you get your messaging and proof of concept squared away. Then you can go into different platforms when you are ready to scale and expand. So guys, number one, stick with the platform that you know.

Don’t Expand Your Marketing Too Fast

Number two, don’t expand your marketing too fast. A lot of people go and say hey I want to start spending a lot of money on marketing before they understand the message to their target audience. Before you roll out your marketing budget, you have to do two things. Be an expert in your particular niche and know how to solve the problems within that niche.

A lot of you guys try to expand your marketing budget before your message been proven to solve the problems within a particular niche. Instead of making more money you end up alienating people. It’s so important to find out what your target audience needs to solve their issues while you’re just starting out. Otherwise, you’re going to have problems and you don’t want to scale up your problems. When you scale up with a small problem you end up with big problems. You can prevent a lot of headache and stress knowing what your audience needs.

I see a lot of marketers on social media that put out ads that have no relevance to me whatsoever. I’m thinking to myself somebody’s just trying to scale a marketing campaign that’s not working and they’re probably losing a lot of money. Then I don’t see that marketing ad anymore because either they ran out of money or hopefully they got to the point where they know it’s not working. On Facebook, for instance, you can right-click an ad and actually see how they’re targeting you. It’s funny when I find an internet marketing ad that’s clearly for a woman but they’re showing it to me. Because they’re just trying to target anybody and everybody to see if they can expand their product offering. And they put their message in front of people who have no interest in what they’re doing so guys be aware of that and make sure when you actually start targeting or expanding your marketing message make sure you do it in a controlled fashion so that you can get results and you can move things forward.

Master One Revenue Source First

Strategy number 3, master one revenue source first. When you guys are starting your internet marketing business or freelance jobs, you’re trying to get as much income as possible. That’s understandable but don’t spread yourself too thin. When you start too many income sources at the beginning what’s going to happen is you’re not going to have your priorities in order. You’re going to spread yourself too thin and you’re not going to know what you need to be working on.

A lot of digital marketers this and that and they’re trying to do too many things at once juggling too many options and then they end up losing everything or the business fails or they end up being overwhelmed because they got too much stuff going on. Find out what your primary income source is first and master it. Whether that is a product or service you are trying to push go ahead and focus on that only until you have mastered it.

You don’t have to do any affiliate offers or you don’t have to do any advertising or content ads or anything like that at the beginning until you have your primary income source down solid. It is so important that you do that guys, because once you know your priorities and you take care of your first priority then you can naturally move into your second, third, fourth or fifth income source. Then if your primary income source dies, you have other sources to back you up. But if you’re spreading yourself too thin before mastering your primary, you’re not going to have the bandwidth because you are going to have so much stuff going on you’re going to be stressed out so guys it’s so important that you make sure you focus on your primary revenue source first.

Before I go, I want to make sure I remind you to tell me about your story in the comments below. What is your internet marketing experience? A lot of you guys are probably beginners and trying to get started and I want to engage with you in more detail. First of all, if you haven’t already signed up for my seven-step guide, do that now. The link is below. I will answer a lot of your questions about internet marketing in my seven-step guide.

I want to help you guys solve your problems by engaging with you guys. So if you have any questions about internet marketing comment below and I will answer any questions you have to make sure you reach your goals and put you in a position to win. We’re going to start a community and my digital marketing training academy is going to be geared towards this new community. The internet marketers of the world and it’s going to help get you in front of what you need to do and put yourself in a position to win.

Also, guys, I have a lot of content in the pipeline that I’m going to be sharing with you in the coming articles and I want to customize that content with what your needs are so the more feedback you give the better. Together we’re going to take this agency to the next level. You guys are going to learn by watching me build my digital marketing agency from scratch. You will be able to build off of my content that I’m sharing with you guys. I’m going to show you everything. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. It’s not going to be me on the beach with my laptop. I’m going to show you everything from down in the trenches. I’m going to give you guys a lot of content to work with and hopefully at the end of all this, I can brag on how my students make a lot of money on internet marketing and we can have stories about how you as a beginner used to make $0 a day and you went to making a hundred, two hundred and more each day. Like and subscribe to the content by commenting below and as well as post your questions. See you guys in the next article.