3 Legit Ways to Work from Home for Beginner in 2019!

work from home for beginners

What’s up marketers and entrepreneurs? Rod checking in wanting to bring you another article today about how to work from home for beginners. A lot of you guys want to work from home. You want to get out of the traffic. You want to have more time for yourself and your family. You want to build something you can call your own. A business that you can work from home and makes money for you online as a freelancer. I want to help you guys out with that.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams on the internet that promise to make money at home. But you buy these products and they either don’t work or are outdated or a straight out scam.

I want to give you guys three important tips for you to set up your home business. Things you need to do to help you make money working from home. It’s possible to make money from home. I do it and so can you. Even as a beginner you can make money from home. You just have to position yourself and do a few things that will ensure your success. I want to cover three of those things for you today. Obviously, there’s more than three ways and I go into that in more detail in my 7 step guide below at the end of this article. It’s free and it will put you guys in a better position to make money working from home.

I’ve been working from home for a while but I still have a 9 to 5 but I do work from home a lot. Working at home has its pros and cons. A lot of you guys have to travel far to get to work and it’ll save a lot of time, money and stress. So start working from home then.

Whether or not you have a nitch picked out or you’ve got my 7 step guide and you are deciding based on the list of them I lay out for you in my guide. Once you get your niche picked out and get your business model set up. You start engaging with your customers you’re going to need somewhere to work that will help you be more productive.

Dedicated Work-Space

The number one thing that is going to help you be more productive is having a specific time scheduled that you are going to work. I know you guys want to feel like hey I work from home, I can work at any time. This is not a good approach because the benefit of working at home is you can define those times pretty easily. But when your home, you need to mentally separate between working and relaxing. Remember the feeling of working 9-5 when you are working at home. You may not have the luxury of physically being at your 9-5 when working at home but you can transpose the feeling of it. It’s important that you guys make that distinction when you are working at home.

Yes, there will be times when you have to steal away and work for 20 minutes here and there because of an urgent task due but for the most part, keep to a work schedule when you are working at home. Good news is working from home you can be flexible to set your work times accordingly. The worst thing you can do is not have a timeline or a deadline and you think I’ll get to it when I get to it. That doesn’t work and unfortunately, it could take months to get things done with that attitude. The best way to enjoy your work from home experience is to make it as productive as possible. The way to do that is to set a schedule and stick to it.

In addition, match your schedule to meet your weekly goals. You should set weekly goals and schedule yourself to meet those goals. This way each day you know what you have to do each morning, afternoon and evening. You do what you have to do at the scheduled times to reach your goals. But life happens it’s not going to be exactly that way so you should be flexible is how you reach your goals but aim to meet your planned schedule as best you can to be successful making money from home.

Dedicated Work-Times

The second tip is you need to have your workspace in order. Yes, you need to have a dedicated workspace. If you don’t get a dedicated workspace, it’s going to reduce your level of productivity. Trust me on this one. I’ve been there. A lot of you guys live in a big city and have small apartments. In which case you have to dedicate a work desk that you use just for work. A dedicated workspace you can set up at the beginning just as long as you can say this is my work area. When I sit here it’s strictly business.

You want this dedicated space so you can be more productive. Otherwise what’s going to happen if you’re going to go on your computer and start your personal stuff on Facebook, checking emails all this stuff and you’re not going to be able to focus on work. This is not good for productivity and therefore not good for your home business. You don’t want to end up like 98% of people when they try to start a business from home who fail. Bottom line is you want to establish mentally and physically a dedicated workspace subconsciously training your mind to know that when I sit here it’s going to be time for work and when I’m not here, I’m not working.

In the beginning, your workspace may be a small corner in your living room or bedroom with a computer desk but as you succeed, you can allocate funds to a bigger better space, or a dedicated room. I started out that way but now I have a dedicated room and hopefully, it can expand to an even bigger space which I am aiming for in the future. I’ll keep you guys posted but whatever you have to work with right now to have that dedicated space that’s all that you need to get started.

Family, Friends, & Team Awareness

Number three you have to share your plan with your friends family and even your team or associates. They have to be aware of your time, your work schedule and your workspace and that you work from home. This is very important because if you don’t establish that on the front end you’re going to always get interrupted. Answering phone not related to your home business. If you have a lot of friends, people will be interrupting you all the time. You’re never going to have time to focus on your business because the average person thinks if you work from home that you can still entertain guests since you are home. Since you’re not technically at work, and your friends think you’re just relaxing you’re going to feel obligated to give way to them when they come over.

So you need to sit down with your friends and family or people who live in the same house with you specifically. Whoever they are you need to let them know that hey these are the times that I work and this is where I work. At these times you are not to be disturbed unless it’s an emergency. Make sure that everyone treats your home business like a 9-5 job. If you have children you will need to discipline them that hey this is Daddy or Mommy’s workspace and to not touch this space at all times. My little son Chester already knows that this is Daddy’s and is not to touch anything or it’s an instant time out no questions asked. He knows he’s not supposed to come in here when I am working.

You have to have that same approach with everyone when you work from home. They need to know that you take care of business and this is your dedicated workspace. People will naturally respect your boundaries.
Over time that space is going to grow as long as you’re consistently doing what you’re supposed to when you’re working.

Avoid disrespecting your work area by eating there, or not doing any work there, or letting people chill there. Then every now and then you want to take it seriously and do some work and people don’t necessarily know when you’re serious or not. That’s trouble even with your team. They should know your schedule. They should know when you’re working even when you work from home. They should know when you have deadlines to meet and realize that they are not going to get a response from you during these office hours. They should know when to call and when not to call.
Once you have these rules and you have discussions with family and friends as to what is off limits, and your workspace is respected, that is going to make running your home business a lot more efficient.

I talked about a lot of stuff today guys and I don’t want to make this article too long. I gave you some really good tips on how you can really position yourself to work from home. But you need to decide what niche you are going to be in. I need you to do two things, number one sign up for my 7 step guide below so you guys can get started really positioning yourself to make money from home and decide on a niche. Number two I need you guys to go to my YouTube channel and like And subscribe to my videos and make sure to click on the Bell button so that you will be notified when I release new videos.

If you guys have any questions about your work at home space, how you can optimize be more productive from home. Even how to get a work-at-home job, just comment box below and I will respond to you. I want to help you guys out and I want to see you guys succeed and enjoy your work at home experience. So go ahead and sign up for the 7 step guide and I’ll see you guys in the next article.



How to Make $100 PER Day with Passive Income on Facebook

passive income on Facebook

What’s up marketers and entrepreneurs? Rod checking in wanting to bring you another article today about passive income specifically on Facebook. A lot of you guys know Facebook and they don’t lend themselves to making easy passive income. Why? Because you have to always post but I’ve got three strategies that you can put in place today that will sidestep the usual Facebook hurdles.

A lot of you guys already know about Facebook. You are already engaged in it. You got your friends. You spend your personal time on Facebook and you figure hey is it possible I can make income specifically passive income on Facebook? The answer is yes you can do that. The thing is you have to position yourself accordingly if not you’re not going to get any traffic or you’re going to violate Facebook terms of services. So, guys, I’ve got three options for you today obviously there are more than three ways to make money on Facebook. I get into that more in my 7 step guide so go ahead and sign up for that. The button is at the end of this article.

Facebook Chat Engagement & Long-Term Relationship Building

Tip number one is Facebook chat. Facebook chat is a very unique tool. You may think, this is not passive, I don’t want to have to deal with chat every day but at the beginning, you are going to have to build those relationships. But what Facebook chat does is not only give you somebody to communicate with, you can communicate with multiple people at once on Facebook chat. I didn’t know this, I thought it was just one to one and I always thought the only way to do that is in groups. But with Facebook chat people who are actively online right now can be engaged as your audience right then and there. I am going to be leveraging this tool a lot more than what I’ve done in the past.

Once you build this kind of relationship with people, not just trying to get money out of them but you are actually helping them with their problems, they are going to trust you more over time. Then they will engage with your content alone and this is what’s going to happen. This is how you are going to position yourself to make a passive income on Facebook. Because these people know you helped them in the past. They know you don’t do an elaborate sales pitch. They like your products and when they see your coming up with something new in their Facebook feed, they are going to go ahead and buy it and that’s what’s going to put you in a position to get that passive income with Facebook chat.

A lot of you guys may think hey I don’t want to have to directly deal with the end user. You may just want to stay behind your computer and not show your face. Well, the Facebook chat is the perfect way to build that trust and engagement without getting in front of a video all the time. Just chat it up with somebody have some fun over a general conversation and you can do that with multiple people. Other people in the group that’s online at the time. Just send them a message and say hey what you guys doing with your business today. I hope you working on your business just a general conversation and see how things are going for them. That’s going to really position you to build that trust and in the community over time. This is how you leverage Facebook chat.

Facebook Page List Building

Tip number two is Facebook list building. Facebook pages don’t have the punch it used to but there’s still some meat there on that bone to get off. Facebook does not like affiliate links especially when you are promoting paid advertising. If somebody has a button there that takes the visitor off of Facebook they don’t like that. The unique thing about Facebook is if you’re doing an organic post they are a little bit more lenient on those.

I always tell you guys to get your own website and set up your own links pointing to your website where you could list build. But there is a unique tool on Facebook where you can have a list building form right on your Facebook page. This is a very important tool because if you guys are really heavy into affiliate marketing or you guys don’t have a website yet or your website is not up to par. Get those contacts directly from Facebook.

The great thing about that is once they fill out that Facebook form, they can continue to do their own thing on Facebook without having to go to your website or go off Facebook. You may be wondering hey Rod were not talking about passive income here but it is once you get that email sequence set up. But make sure you base it on what they signed up for, i.e make it specific to the niche content they came to your page for. Don’t send any general emails to these people. Just keep it to what they signed up for because this is the value they see in you. Make sure you start with that and make sure you send emails that are in line with that because that’s what’s really going to put you in a position so that they can buy from you once you at least give them some initial value on that niche.

There are very few niches that I can think of that you don’t have to give initial value upfront before you get people to pay for it on the back end. The ones I can think of are physical based products online. But if it smacks of sketchy online get-rich-quick schemes, you will have to give them a lot of upfront value the first time they see you.

The best approach I teach is regardless of which niche you are in is get their contact information. Specifically their email as soon as possible. Provide them with an initial value in return for their email and build that trust passively as your building your email. Then you’re going to make that sale on the backend.

The good thing is once you set that email sequence up for the first time there’s very little maintenance going forward if you set it up right on the front end. So leverage your email list.

Facebook Group: Niche Community Memberships

Last but not least guys Facebook groups. This is where I think the most powerful tool is on Facebook. You can make one passive too. You can schedule posts, you can build your community and you can engage without necessarily having to be there 24/7 You can have your team engage in your place but I personally like to build the relationships myself so I can know their needs their pain points so I can create content solutions for them.

The passive approach to this is in the posting. To really keep them up-to-date the benefit of the community it can eventually start feeding on itself the bigger it gets. People in the community will engage with each other. They’re going to have your content as that central knowledge base. They come in and learn from it and they’re going to buy your product. Especially if you do a good job. Facebook groups can be a very powerful tool. I would think in 2019 and 2020 I would have to say if I were to pick one thing outside of the ad program that Facebook has that can organically get you traffic is going to be facebook groups.

Facebook over the years has really reduced the amount of organic traffic they funnel to your feed and therefore your exposure is reduced on your feed. In groups, you can at least know a lot more of what’s going on with your users. The downside about those pages, in the past everybody who liked your page at least a good amount of them would see your content in their feeds once you publish the post but Facebook kind of got upset about that. Now they only give you about 5% of that traffic so I recommend you build the list and engage with your audience in Facebook groups.

The good thing about groups, they come to get the latest information. Yes, they will see stuff on their feed about you but the group page has the most updated stuff. They come to get the latest scoop. They will actively come to your group page because they know you engage with your community there.

So guys leveraging more of these Facebook tools can help you create passive income. That’s going to really put you in a position so that you can have that third income stream. That’s probably going to become your favorite income stream because you don’t have to to do a lot of work and have to put a lot of time once everything is established. It’s very important that you start that now.

As I told you guys earlier there are more ways to make passive income on Facebook but I want to make you aware of a few of them here. I get into more ways in my 7 step guide. It covers how to set up all your income streams, including your passive income. I am always coming up with custom solutions for the niche that matters most to you, and if you have additional questions or you’re stuck with anything, comment below. Also, tell me where are you at with your Facebook ads, objects and income on Facebook. Are you making any passive income on Facebook? I know a lot of you guys read my content so the next step is to go ahead and start engaging. I want to make sure I engage with you guys and really put us in the position so that we can help you out. I’ll see you guys in the next article.



3 AWESOME Online Business Ideas That Can Make Your Money Fast!

Online Business Ideas

Whats up marketers and problem solvers? Rod checking in wanting to bring you another article today and I am going to give you three awesome business ideas that’s going to really help you take your income your life to the next level. You can start that online business that you’ve been wanting to do. By doing this you can really put yourself in a position to take your lifestyle to the next level.

I know you guys are just trying to start your career or get it together. You probably got a nine to five job or you are a college student or you have a dead-end job. And you want to start that online business but you don’t have a good idea of what to do and you’re trying to figure out what’s the best approach so that you don’t waste a lot of time.

I want to give you guys 3 awesome business ideas so you can start to make money as a legitimate online business. I’m going to give you 3 specific ideas in specific niches. Obviously, there’s more than three but if you guys want more ideas we share a full list with the community the seven-step guide below.

Freelance Social Media Manager

So the first one I’m going to cover is a freelance social media manager. A lot of you guys watch my YouTube videos or read my articles and are interested in marketing. Asking yourselves what you need to do to make money online. Social media management or social media marketing provides value to business owners by helping them take their social media marketing to the next level. A lot of you guys already have the skills in social media. If you’re on Instagram or Facebook all the time, you already have the basic knowledge to get started. You just need to educate yourself on the finer points but you can find all of that information free online.

By being a user of social media it is fairly easy to figure out what do the end users or business customers need and that translates into what the business owners are needing and you can, therefore, provide those services.

At first, you’re not going to be able to charge top dollar but every new customer you get helps you make you more competitive. Meaning the money you charge goes up as your skills and the demand for your services increase. The good thing about this is the longer you have that particular customer or account the more dependable you become.

But first, you do an assessment. Find out what social media needs are in a particular niche. For example, what and how often do their competitors post. What are they doing? How can you help get their message across with social media and build that relationship with their customers and put them in a position so that they can make more money? In return, they’re going to give you some of that money. Being able to make more money for a business is what will make you stand out. So you’ve got to leverage that ability in order to make money as a freelance social media marketing agency. This way you can call your own shots and manage the accounts on your own terms.

As a freelancer, you avoid the limitations of working your nine to five job. The freelance social media marketing agency does not need to have a big team and you can build it how however you want. This will certainly put you in a position to build your marketing skills and make money at the same time.

Freelance Web Developer

Number two freelance web developer. A lot of you guys have computer skills or you are in software development. You can really leverage your tech skills as a freelance web development agency. You can start a business doing that pretty easily in 2019 guys. You’ve got to understand WordPress, content management and software apps, you can manage these things for clients.

I have a need for social media managers and web developers who really would like to master those particular skills. You don’t necessarily have to have a lot of degrees to do this and you can start it very little capital investment. You just need to position yourself correctly. It’s such an advantage now to be a web developer and really put yourself in a position to help people with their websites.

Helping people with their website may also involve developing custom apps and they don’t need to be an elaborate Facebook app or anything really technical. Most of the times you just need to do an assessment of what business owners are doing wrong with their current website. Whether they need to improve site speed or search ranking it is pretty easy to do in website builders like WordPress or Woocommerce. Business owners don’t want to have to deal with that stuff, they’d rather pay somebody to do that.

Business people think they have to go out and develop all this stuff themselves and that’s not the case. So that’s where having a web development business comes in. You can easily convince business people that they don’t have to do any of the web development stuff. In reality, they just want to know how you can speed up their website and get their message out there as quick and efficient as possible and try to automate some things so I don’t have to manually do stuff. This is a great pitch as a web developer and how you’re going to make money speaking the language of a business owner.

Freelance Web Design & Photography

Number three freelance web design and photography. There is a huge need for this and I know a lot of you guys may think hey there is a lot of stock photography sites out there and there’s already a lot of people doing that but guys few people are doing it in a way where it’s in a specific nitch. I am in the digital marketing niche and I go on one of those sites that have a ton of pictures it’s overwhelming for me. I don’t know the mood of the photography style and all that stuff. I have no interest in learning that. But if you want to start a business as a web designer or photographer you can come into a business and talk to a business owner like myself and say hey Rod it seems like you like this style your competitor is doing this and it’s a possibility that you can do it this way. I’ve got these images and I can position them right. We can do a couple of photo shoots. We’ll get a couple of images or stills from your videos and really put a great visual together for your particular brand.

Guys, you can do this over and over again and there’s always going to be a need for it. You can provide this service on a monthly or quarterly basis. Using photography to get a businesses message and graphics out there. You can also do courses, articles, Instagram, YouTube just any kind of imagery. A freelance web designer or photographer can really position themselves to be a valuable asset for a team. The best part is there are not a lot of people out there who are willing to do this kind of work and position themselves to help business owners.

Some photographers and even web designers have the thought that they want to go out and do the artsy type stuff. Which is fine if you want to be broke. I guarantee you there is a lot of photographers out there who have the potential to make a lot of money online and they have the raw skills they just need the mindset and the steps to really get started.

That’s where my 7 step guide comes in. In each of these niches, you have to have the raw skill already. You just need help monetizing it in a way we’re a business owner can see the value in you. You need to make them see how you are going to bring value to the table with more traffic and therefore money to the business. This way with your specific skills in return they’re going to give you some of that money. In order to grow as a business, you need to think in this way. What does that business owner want? And position yourself to satisfy those needs so that business owner can help you get started. That’s how you make money online in any niche.

These are just three niches that have so much potential but there so many more niches out there. You can do things in gardening, writing, woodworking, there are just so many great niches.

But the three that I covered here today are going to be great in 2019 and beyond. The key is to look for the niches that are not being leveraged by people like yourself that have the raw skills that may be working 9 to 5 looking to start this on the side. If you don’t want to jump in and take the risk all at once, you can do this while you’re working 9 to 5. I have a two-pronged approach. First of all, you have to have your main job nailed down. This is your main active income that puts food on the table. Second is where you’re going to start your online business in a specific niche and you’re going to start doing part-time freelance work get a couple of accounts and grow to the point where it’s making more money than your main job. Then once you got that nailed down, you should start passive income sources.

Getting your part-time online business to match your full-time income is the hardest part because it is a mental hurdle that you need to overcome. Believing that you can do it is key. Thinking that it’s too hard or that you got to have special permissions or licenses which is not the case for most niches can hold you back so be aware and maintain a positive can-do attitude.

But right now you need you to take the next step and get my seven-step guide to getting started. In there I list other business ideas for you and I get into much more detail by walking you through it step-by-step.

If you have questions specifically for your niche, we can customize solutions for you. Also if you are already doing an online business tell us where are you at with your business. Have you gotten started with branding or getting customers? Go ahead and share that with the community and we’re going to see if we can help you guys out and put you in a position so that you can move forward and take that next step in your business. Like and subscribe to the content and as always if you have additional questions, comment below. I’ll see you guys in the next article.



How To Start Your Online Business With YouTube For Beginners!

online business youtube

Whats up marketers and entrepreneurs? Rod here checking in wanting to bring you an article based on a question from the community. Tips for starting an online business with YouTube. I know a lot of you guys like watching YouTube videos and you have an interest in starting an online business. You’re wanting to see how you can make money in a field of strong interest and incorporate your skills at the same time. I want to give you guys some tips today so you can do just that.

YouTube is my personal favorite social media platform. In my opinion, video is one of the best ways to build an audience on the internet today. It is easy to build a relationship with your audience as they consume your information.

In the past video used to be very expensive to create videos and they took up a lot of bandwidth to upload and store. You had to have streaming video access. Compared to the bandwidth that is available today it is so much faster and easier. YouTube makes it so easy, you can just take your smartphone and start recording and upload it to YouTube at the same time. That why 2019 is a great time to start a business, get your message out and start prospecting for future customers. This is really going to put you in a position to win.

Have your Online Foundation In Place – 7 Step Guide

The first point I want to make is you need to have your foundation in place. If you don’t have your ducks in a row when you start your business online, it’s going to show. You will all over the place trying to see what works. In one video you might talk about photography. In another video, you might talk about food. In the next video, you talk about pets. You will be spreading yourself too thin, i.e. spinning your wheels. You have to have just one niche. You have to pick one problem to solve for that particular audience and then you can expand off of that problem once you are efficient at making money effectively online with that niche. Otherwise, you won’t have a business, you’ll have a hobby. I go into this in much more detail in my 7 Step Online Marketing Guide below. Your niche must be nailed down. I can’t emphasize that enough.

You should create a niche YouTube channel and start uploading simple unedited how-to videos in that niche. Start slow, build an audience and you will get better as you go. YouTubers are forgiving when it comes to editing. You won’t need a ton of traffic like to make a lot of money because you are providing niche specific information. On the other hand
Vloggers like Casey Neistat and entertainers need a lot of traffic to make a ton of money. Getting that kind of traffic is hard to replicate and unnecessary when you niche it down.

But what should shoot for is, like Casey Neistat, being able to consistently bring a high level of (informational) Vlogging to your audience and this way YouTube will start backing you and promoting you without having to do a lot of that yourself. But since you are just beginning, you won’t have that benefit so that’s why you have to have your foundation in place. I cover a lot of that foundation in my 7 step guide to get that started.

At the end of the day you have to have a niche and you have to have skills and you have to have knowledge in that nitch and you have to know how to solve problems in that niche and you can roll brand from there. You know what topic or what Niche you want to cover in your YouTube/online business and you want to really start putting your message out there on YouTube.

Build & Improve Your Video Presentation

Next step is you have to work on your video presence. First of all work on your set and background. Get the camera angle and lighting set up with a list of the topics and sub-topics you need to talk about. Then consider the tone you want to present so you can present the best message for your audience. Make your presentation make sense for your audience. But the key is to take action and understand that it’s always a work in progress. You never stop developing. I’m not going to tell you it’s just going to be set it and forget it but you’re going to see yourself getting better over time. Because you will have an audience who knows what to expect and they support you and buy your products and services.

In addition, you have to consider how you are going to really match the tone of your voice and look to your niche. For example, if your niche is investing don’t be wearing a t-shirt with a bar-b-que in the background. Your audience is going to expect your presentation to match your niche topic. But you will always be wanting to get better as you go. Just get it close at first and over time you will refine your presentation.

I’m always in the process of working on my presentation. Trying to get lighting better for example and that’s what you will be doing too. Create a video is much more than just your voice. It’s your tonality. It’s your background. It’s your body language. It’s your honesty and integrity. But remember it all depends on your video presentation on how people are going to perceive you. You have to make sure it’s in line with your messaging. Because if it ain’t lined up subconsciously people are not going to take you seriously. You got to get people to connect with you and your look in your presentation is a big part of that.

So you got to get your presentation in order and how you present yourself how you brand yourself and that’s all important and again it’s a work in progress. It’s never something that’s going to be able to set and forget it.

Enage & Collaborate With Other You Tubers On Your Niche

The last tip I have for you guys today is engagement with other YouTuber creators. You may think hey I don’t want to promote other YouTubers I want everybody to watch me, which is okay I can understand that but let me ask you have you ever seen only one person in a niche? No, you have several channels in a niche. When you research niche channels your going to be watching two to three YouTubers on a particular topic because you want to get those different perspectives. They are not necessarily competing with each other because they may have different styles and you will have a different style as well. But you’re in the same niche on the surface. It may seem like you guys are competing on the surface but you guys are targeting different solutions within the same niche. They may be target advanced clients and you may be targeting people at the beginning of their journey in that niche. But the advantage of this is it makes sense for you guys to collaborate because at the end of the day most of you guys know that when the water rises all boats will rise with it.

Why does this happen? well, you’ve got to understand the inner workings of YouTube’s search algorithms. I am not going to go into that here but suffice it to say you’re going to find out that YouTube looks for similar niche channels related to each other so when they direct traffic, they direct it to all the closely related channels. So that is a great benefit of actually working with other YouTubers and collaborating.

Also, engagement with your audience. There’s a lot of room for improvement in this area among YouTubers. So the more you get in front of this one the better you will be in the long run. Most YouTubers just put videos out and we don’t follow up with our audiences comments but you will stand out if you do this. This is the way to get people interested in your content and liking you. When someone watches your video and they felt compelled enough to leave feedback, that is someone who will engage with you for business in the future. They may not buy from you now but depending on if they have the issue that you have the solution for in the future you will have somebody who likes and knows and trusts you. If and when they need that service or any help in that niche, guess who they’re going to come to? They’re going to come to you because your the first one they will think of at the top of there mind.

So it’s important that you guys engage and make sure that it’s a two-way street. That’s the advantage of YouTube versus TV. TV is just one way, YouTube you can get feedback. People comment on videos all the time so go ahead and leverage that ability.

I could talk about this all day but I want to leave you with some cool things that everybody needs to get started and that is my 7-step guide below. Go ahead and sign up for that and leave your comments below as well. Tell me where you guys are at and what are some of your ideas for niches so I can tell you if it’s a good idea or not. If it’s a good idea than I can point you in a specific direction or use a specific strategy. Either way, I want to help so go ahead and comment below.



3 Ways to Make Money Online for Beginners in 2019!

make money online for beginners

What’s up entrepreneurs and problem solvers? Rod here checking in wanting to talk about making money online in 2019. If you are a beginner and don’t have any skills and want to make some money, I can help you and put you in a position to win. I want to give you guys three specific ways to make money as a beginner. We’re going to make it a little bit interesting today. What I am going to tell you is going to save you a lot of wasted time trying to figure out how to make money from home online. I am going to take you from the beginning of the online journey through the middle and to the proper end game. In addition, I will be giving you guys custom solutions based on where you are at in your skill-set.

There are obviously more than three ways to make money online but I cover the big 3 here today. Before I get into it, I what to make you aware of my free seven-step guide that gets this in more detail. So make sure to go ahead and sign up for that. It will get you closer to your goal and put you in a position to start making money today and start building that passive income you want to put you in a position to live the life you want.

Short-Term Upwork Hustle

So let’s get started. Number one guys we want to talk about how, as a beginner, can you get the best traction with a little computer experience and start your money making career online. Let me qualify this first point. If you have a need to make thousands of dollars to pay your rent tomorrow this probably is not going to work for you. In that case, you will need to go out and get a job, work overtime at your current job or get a second job to pay your rent.

But if you’re rent paid and you got food on the table but want to save for a new car or pay off debts, then you need to position yourself as a professional freelancer. Register with Upwork and some of the other freelance platforms like Elance. With these freelance websites, you can leverage the skills you already have and motivate you to develop them further. There are plenty of entrepreneurs who need the service of your specific skills and will pay you money over the next few weeks or for however long you want to work this way.

These platforms are a great place to start making money online working from home. You don’t have to have in-depth knowledge but if you have skills like writing, photography, video editing, photoshop, WordPress or graphic design, you can make money on Upwork. Even if you don’t have these skills you can still be a virtual assistant where you just have to know how to use a computer and be a faster learner on basic programs and apps. There are so many different ways you can make money on these platforms in the short-term. You can leverage the skills you already have and even if you don’t have a ton of skills there are still a lot of options for you if you are resourceful and give it the old college try. I recommend you guys check out those freelance platforms and start making money right now. This is the quickest and most legitimate way to get started.

The problem with these freelance sites is they are not passive. It requires you to actually do the work, put in the hours, week after week. You will get paid by trading your time for money. Which is okay at the beginning but as you guys know we want to get you to the point where you make passive income that is going to grow into a significant part of income.

Mid-Term Resale Amazon, Ebay

Number two is pretty popular on the surface with newbies but for me personally, I don’t like it and that is retail. I know there are a lot of people make money with it but they know the tricks to success in this area of making money online. Many people start here by making a few dollars selling on eBay of dropshipping but when they want to increase this income, they have to scale it up and that is what separates the men from the boys. To make your mark in this industry to the point where you are getting consistent, growing sales and profits, you have to be in a certain niche. Because if you don’t niche down in the retail space you will be faced with the problem of competing with the heavy hitters like Amazon, Walmart, Target and other big online retailers. Most people figure they can just undercut them on price and maybe in certain situations you can but a lot of the times you can’t. Walmart is the king of low prices so if you think you’re going to outcompete Walmart overtime and then we start making millions it’s not going to happen.

But if you’re hell-bent on the resale side I would recommend you guys to find niche products that are hard to find on the large retail sites. Niche it down deep and really focus on a specific audience. Focus on those needs where the big guys may not necessarily have a presence. There is a lot of opportunity for you when you go that route because if you go the traditional retail route, Amazon is going to crush your little retail operation. You are not going to compete with billions of dollars of research and the years of development needed to achieve success in this space unless you niche down.

For example, I know a lot of YouTubers that make a lot of really good money doing this because they specifically target certain product lines, certain niches that they know the inner workings of and they know the needs of those users and they’re not competing with the big guys.

This has the advantage of transitioning your skills from active income to passive income. By dipping your toes in the niche retail space you will learn:

  • the skills of that particular niche and the industry lingo surrounding it
  • the problems and the solutions of your target audience
  • how to set up hosting and a WordPress website
  • how to set up a Shopify website
  • where to find niche products
  • setting up a shopping cart
  • setting up a merchant account
  • dealing with inventory and customers
  • and more

Long-Term Niche Problem Solving (Branding)

All this will transition into my number 3 which is the most advanced long-term way which I suggest you guys have in the back of your mind as your end game. That is branding yourself as an authority in a specific niche. In this case, you will have to have your own product that you create or your own service agency team. This option gives you the most control and flexibility and it really doesn’t require you to have a ton of traffic in order to make good money. You can make money with a couple of thousand followers and this can really put you in a position so you can have real financial freedom. Building that passive income and really put you in a position to win.

It’s just that simple. You may be thinking affiliate marketing requires more traffic and you are right but by creating your own product or service your profit is higher, especially with digital products. You can do both at first and as an authority you should but in the end game of creating your own product or service, you control the supply line, you can control the pricing, you can control the competition, you can put yourself in a position to be an exclusive distributor and you can charge more money. When you are in control of that product the more profit you’re going to make.

Obviously, with digital products the margins are great, you just have to market the product by putting it in front of your audience. Once you have established that audience and those first sales start coming in, the marketing costs are minimal. This is the advantage of having an exclusive quality branded product.

I go over this more in my 7 Step Digital Marketing guide below. I cover what niches you might be interested in relative to what already have knowledge in. Start there with your branding and get some wins and put some money in your pocket. Start flexing those investment muscles and start saving so over time you’re going to start building it to the point where it becomes second nature like a kid riding the bicycle. You start making a dollar, then scale it to $10, then $100, then $1,000 and you can get to the point where you’re making $1,000 a day with something that you’re interested in. You can become an influencer in that space and people will love and trust you. You will build a big audience. You will have digital assets. You have that passive income and you can get all these things working for you while you sleep. I am here to help put you guys in this position to do just that.

If you like this article or if you have any questions on how to make money as a beginner or any questions about how to get unstuck where are you struggling, go ahead and comment below. To start you guys off on the right foot sign up for my 7 Step Digital Marketing guide below. That will get you on the right path to start making money online. Go ahead and pick that up now, it’s free and the link is below.

Take the first step and become part of my community, post your questions and your feedback. This has the added benefit of putting you in front of like-minded people who walk the walk and talk the talk and can really give you the advice to actually get started. So take action and let’s put you in the position to win. I’ll see you guys in the next article.



3 Great Affiliate Marketing Tips For Dummies For 2019!

affiliate marketing for dummies

What’s up marketers and entrepreneurs? Rod checking in wanting to bring you guys another article today. Today we’re going to be talking about affiliate marketing for dummies in 2019. I want to give you guys three tips to either start making money with affiliate marketing or grow from what you are already doing in affiliate marketing. Putting you in a position to win.

A lot of you guys like affiliate marketing because of the idea that you can start affiliate marketing with relatively no money up front. You don’t have to worry about investing in and keeping track of inventory. You don’t have to create a product you just have to promote other people’s products or services. That sounds like a good idea especially if you have a job or you are already working in a specific niche but you want to promote a different product or service and be able to reap additional benefits.

But you may not feel that you have the necessary skills or the knowledge or the resume to really push these products or really put yourself in the position to make money with affiliate marketing. So I want to give you guys three tips on how to get started so let’s jump right in.

Have Your Online Foundation In Place – 7 Step Guide

Number one, you have to have your foundation in order. If you guys don’t know what I mean by a foundation, here is what I mean. You have to have your niche already picked out. You have to know what niche you are able to solve problems. You have to have that group of people or audience that you know has a specific problem or need that’s not being fulfilled by anybody. You have to know what solution to provide them that will move them along the way to help them solve problems.

The problem is though without that foundation in place you will look like you are just a hustler out to make some quick money. A fly by night that is here today and gone tomorrow. That could have worked in the early days of the internet when there wasn’t a lot of competition but now there a lot of competition. But with all the fierce competition, there are still opportunities to make money with affiliate marketing. The secret is you have to niche down. You have to set yourself apart from the competitors. 98% of the competitors out there are just throwing random offers out there and hoping somebody will bite. Yeah, they might get an occasional sale here and there but where’s near the amount that’s going to help them make that passive income reaching their goals in their careers, living the lifestyle that they want and making the money that they want.

Show guys if you want to be part of that 2% of the people who really make good money with affiliate marketing, have to have your foundation in order. Have your niche ready. Educate yourself and have the skills in place relating to your niche. That is what’s going to set you apart from all the sharks that are online and that’s going to really put you in a position to win.

In my 7 step guide, I go into much more detail in how to get you guys started with your foundation, picking your niche, picking the business model. Whether you want to go freelance, get a steady job or start an agent say, I lay it all out for you in my 7 step guide below. Go ahead and pick that up it’s really going to help you guys get started and you guys will then have access to a community of people who are doing the same thing you are doing. You will be able to bounce ideas off of each other and have others that you can relate.

So let’s say we got our foundation in order. We picked our niche. We know about the niche. We know how to solve problems in that niche. We have experience in the niche and we are here to serve the people in this niche. You now know what your potential customer list looks like.

Pick Offers With Long-Term Customer Value Not By Commission Price

Number 2 is thinking long-term. What I mean by that is everybody knows that you can go on ClickBank or Amazon and sign up for the offer with the highest commission’s thinking you can promote this offer and you’ll make the passive income you want. The problem is it limits you because you can only do that one time, you have nothing to follow it up and create that lifetime customer. Either that or the product may have bad reviews or it may not help people or it might be too expensive.

They offer high commissions in order to attract affiliates and you might not have any intentions to resell that customer down the line. But you need to know the key to a successful business is consistently satisfying a lifetime customer. It is rare that companies make a ton of money on just the first offer they promote and being able to duplicate it maintaining that over time. You have to position yourself to be able to offer that particular audience multiple affiliate offers related to your niche.

So instead of just going for the affiliate product with the highest paying commission, I suggest you find offers in your niche where you can solve problems step by step over a series of problems. List the problems and the solutions and offer them that in a logical order regardless of the commission rate. If you can’t do this yet it’s because you don’t have your foundation in place. You don’t know your clients’ needs and you don’t want to just swing from the fences because most of the time you will miss.

I recommend you guys position yourself for the long term by cultivating your clientele and the only way to do that is to find that first affiliate offer to get them in the door even if it doesn’t pay a high commission. It may just be a couple of dollars. Promote it make a few sales and then 3 or 4 days down the road you’re going to check up on them and say hey did this work for you? Yes? but now they have this second problem. Okay now you’re going to offer them a second affiliate product and after 15 to 20 days you can offer them a third affiliate product and so on.

The good thing about this the offers is probably going to get more expensive over time because what happens is the bigger the problem the more money it’s going to cost to fix it. As long as you’re solving the problems, they don’t mind spending that extra money. You’re going to make the higher commission this way on all those follow up back end offers. The term we call long-term SuperValue. That’s where you want to be. If you don’t structure your business around that model you’re going to be always spinning your wheels. You’re never going to be able to scale, you’re never going to be able to create that passive income that you want to really put you in a position to win.

That’s what our goal is for you at Digilink Marketing to create that passive income and put you in a position so that you don’t have to work as hard over time especially when you put the hours in your specific niche.

Don’t Only Depend On Amazon & ClickBank

The last tip I have for you today is don’t depend only on Amazon and ClickBank for affiliate marketing opportunities. Amazon or the ClickBank affiliate programs are okay at the beginning when you’re trying to get started working out your list of solutions for your particular niche. But you want to eventually specialize in certain niches which depending on which place you go, say health care, for example, that niche has a ton of affiliate programs outside of Amazon and ClickBank. Or try looking at retailers such as Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and other Pharmaceutical companies. A lot of these places have affiliate programs. They may not call it affiliate, they call them a referral or partnership programs. In any case, you’re going to be able to provide custom solutions for your audience without limiting yourself to just ClickBank or Amazon offers that everybody else is doing online.

This is going to require you to do research and I show you how to do this in my seven-step guide. Be knowledgable about your specific niche because this is what’s going to set you apart. This is what’s going to put you in a position to make more money than any of your competitors who are just working on the surface level looking to follow the trends. You need to dig deep into your niche and when you do this you’re going to find out there’s a lot of potential to make money.

People who only go after the sexy, get-rich-quick offers are not going to be consistent or be able to replicate it year after. You, on the other hand, by following the tips I outline here, will be able to put processes in place that you can make money over time.

Making money online in 2019 involves putting yourself in a long term position, creating content as an authority in a specific evergreen space with the added benefit of not having to create or stock a product.

I go into much more detail in my 7 step guide below so go ahead and pick that up now. If you have questions or are having problems with affiliate marketing, go ahead and share that in the comment section below. I’ll see you guys in the next article.



Start Internet Marketing For Beginners | STEP BY STEP

internet marketing for beginners

What’s up marketers in entrepreneurs? Rod checking in wanting to bring you another article. Today I’m going to talk about getting started with internet marketing. A lot of you guys who are just starting out trying to get your career off the ground, starting your freelance career or starting your business with internet marketing trying to figure out how to get started I got three talking points today on how to do just that. I am here to help you take your income and experience to the next level. When it comes to internet marketing like everything else you have to start somewhere and I am here to make sure we get you guys off the ground right.

Obviously, there are more than three tips or strategies you will need and I provide a lot more detail in my 7 step marketing guide check out the link below. It gives you more detail and provides a step-by-step guide to taking your internet marketing career to the next level even as a beginner. So go ahead and sign up for that, it’s free and the link is below at the end of this article so go ahead and sign up for that so that you can get your copy while it is free.

Start With The Online Platform You Know

The first strategy is to start with the platform you know. Beginners tend to go with an internet platform that is sexy or trendy at the moment. A platform that everybody is using because you think you will get the most traffic or exposure from that platform is misleading. You shouldn’t change platforms because it is popular or trendy or you think that your messaging and skills will improve. You’re going to find out that you will get results faster by working on the platform you are already on or know best because you can leverage the skills you already have. By starting with the platform you know best, you will get results faster. You will get your message out there faster. You will get your internet marketing strategies underway faster and easier. The reason is it will be easier for you to expand to the next platform because you already know the basics of your core platform.

For example, if you have skills using the YouTube or Facebook platform, stick with that and start building your audience from there. Find out how to get specific information, provide value and survive on your preferred platform. Find out how and where the users of that platform go when they are looking for certain things. Know how that platform works inside and out.

You may be good at Reddit, you may be good at Instagram, some of you guys may even be good at Twitter but start with what you know and expand from there. Because the bottom line is you’re going to be less likely to fail if you start with what you know. You’re not going to be as irritated, you’re not going to be forced to do something you don’t want to do because you’re already using those platforms anyway so it’s going to increase your chances of really being successful at internet marketing.

Even if you may feel like you’re not going to get as many customers on your preferred platform, that is not the goal at the beginning. It is to start with solving problems, getting your messaging and your branding squared away. Once you know how to solve problems in y9our niche and once you build the trust on the message, then you could expand to other platforms from there.

I don’t want you guys worrying about unnecessary things while you’re getting your core skills built. I’d rather you not focus on the platform until you get your messaging and proof of concept squared away. Then you can go into different platforms when you are ready to scale and expand. So guys, number one, stick with the platform that you know.

Don’t Expand Your Marketing Too Fast

Number two, don’t expand your marketing too fast. A lot of people go and say hey I want to start spending a lot of money on marketing before they understand the message to their target audience. Before you roll out your marketing budget, you have to do two things. Be an expert in your particular niche and know how to solve the problems within that niche.

A lot of you guys try to expand your marketing budget before your message been proven to solve the problems within a particular niche. Instead of making more money you end up alienating people. It’s so important to find out what your target audience needs to solve their issues while you’re just starting out. Otherwise, you’re going to have problems and you don’t want to scale up your problems. When you scale up with a small problem you end up with big problems. You can prevent a lot of headache and stress knowing what your audience needs.

I see a lot of marketers on social media that put out ads that have no relevance to me whatsoever. I’m thinking to myself somebody’s just trying to scale a marketing campaign that’s not working and they’re probably losing a lot of money. Then I don’t see that marketing ad anymore because either they ran out of money or hopefully they got to the point where they know it’s not working. On Facebook, for instance, you can right-click an ad and actually see how they’re targeting you. It’s funny when I find an internet marketing ad that’s clearly for a woman but they’re showing it to me. Because they’re just trying to target anybody and everybody to see if they can expand their product offering. And they put their message in front of people who have no interest in what they’re doing so guys be aware of that and make sure when you actually start targeting or expanding your marketing message make sure you do it in a controlled fashion so that you can get results and you can move things forward.

Master One Revenue Source First

Strategy number 3, master one revenue source first. When you guys are starting your internet marketing business or freelance jobs, you’re trying to get as much income as possible. That’s understandable but don’t spread yourself too thin. When you start too many income sources at the beginning what’s going to happen is you’re not going to have your priorities in order. You’re going to spread yourself too thin and you’re not going to know what you need to be working on.

A lot of digital marketers this and that and they’re trying to do too many things at once juggling too many options and then they end up losing everything or the business fails or they end up being overwhelmed because they got too much stuff going on. Find out what your primary income source is first and master it. Whether that is a product or service you are trying to push go ahead and focus on that only until you have mastered it.

You don’t have to do any affiliate offers or you don’t have to do any advertising or content ads or anything like that at the beginning until you have your primary income source down solid. It is so important that you do that guys, because once you know your priorities and you take care of your first priority then you can naturally move into your second, third, fourth or fifth income source. Then if your primary income source dies, you have other sources to back you up. But if you’re spreading yourself too thin before mastering your primary, you’re not going to have the bandwidth because you are going to have so much stuff going on you’re going to be stressed out so guys it’s so important that you make sure you focus on your primary revenue source first.

Before I go, I want to make sure I remind you to tell me about your story in the comments below. What is your internet marketing experience? A lot of you guys are probably beginners and trying to get started and I want to engage with you in more detail. First of all, if you haven’t already signed up for my seven-step guide, do that now. The link is below. I will answer a lot of your questions about internet marketing in my seven-step guide.

I want to help you guys solve your problems by engaging with you guys. So if you have any questions about internet marketing comment below and I will answer any questions you have to make sure you reach your goals and put you in a position to win. We’re going to start a community and my digital marketing training academy is going to be geared towards this new community. The internet marketers of the world and it’s going to help get you in front of what you need to do and put yourself in a position to win.

Also, guys, I have a lot of content in the pipeline that I’m going to be sharing with you in the coming articles and I want to customize that content with what your needs are so the more feedback you give the better. Together we’re going to take this agency to the next level. You guys are going to learn by watching me build my digital marketing agency from scratch. You will be able to build off of my content that I’m sharing with you guys. I’m going to show you everything. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. It’s not going to be me on the beach with my laptop. I’m going to show you everything from down in the trenches. I’m going to give you guys a lot of content to work with and hopefully at the end of all this, I can brag on how my students make a lot of money on internet marketing and we can have stories about how you as a beginner used to make $0 a day and you went to making a hundred, two hundred and more each day. Like and subscribe to the content by commenting below and as well as post your questions. See you guys in the next article.



Make $100 Day with YouTube Passive Income in 2019

YouTube passive income

WhatsApp marketers and entrepreneurs? Rod checking in wanting to bring you guys another article. Today I’m going to talk about passive income via YouTube. A lot of you guys like YouTube, a lot of you guys like passive income, and a lot of you guys are trying to figure out how you can leverage YouTube to get passive income. Well, I have three talking points that I’m going to cover today and I’m going to get you started with those.

Obviously, there are more than three ways to get your passive income from YouTube and I get into more strategies in my free 7 Step Guide below, so go ahead and sign up for that so you can really take your YouTube and passive income to the next level.

A lot of you guys see the glamorous side of passive income and you want to do the same. You may see people being on the beach drinking a margarita and sitting with their laptop and seeing money coming in. You can get to that point but it’s going to take some work. It’s going to take you guys being strategic about what you’ve got to do to really put yourself in the position to make that passive income.

YouTube is a critical resource in making that happen. YouTube can really put you in a position to win.

No Content No Income

So number one point guys no content, no income. Some of you guys think you can come on YouTube and expect to put up canned videos made by someone else and expect that to work, no. You’ve got to start a brand. You’ve got the build content and trust. But this can do this while you sleep if done right. When you can create a video, put it up on Youtube and it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even while you sleep.

YouTube will, depending on the type of content you create, will promote your content. They will put your content in front of people who have problems that you could solve. This is something that doesn’t require any activity from you, i.e. done passively for you. You will get people subscribing to your channel and you will get people to trust you just like I’m doing now with my 7 step guide. I’m getting you guys to sign up for that so that you can find your niche.

Say for example gardening, you can start a garden or a photography Channel, create your videos, start doing tutorials, giving instructions and providing guides. Once you do that, you can go off and do something else. That video is going to be working for you in the background. YouTube has that level of power.

The best way to gain your audience’s confidence and trust are through visual means. They see you, they look at your body language, they hear your voice, your tonality. There’s so much stuff you can do on YouTube that you can’t do from other platforms. So leverage your content let’s put it in a way where you could put that video out there and you can make money while you sleep.

The best feeling in the world is when you wake up in the morning and see somebody purchased your course or somebody consumed your content. You’re helping people without having to be in front of them. Obviously at some point, you want to engage with them, you want to do meetups and chats and provide customer service but for the most part, you can, I repeat you can make money passively via YouTube. A very powerful tool guys.

Don’t Follow Trends

Talking point number two, do not follow trends. So it’s tempting to follow trends and to create videos and content on those trends but stick with your niche. Stick with what makes you unique. Follow that strategy to the T. Obviously you’re going to have one or two pieces of content you can make money via other topics but you want 95% of your content to be in your niche positioning yourself in a certain niche.

Trends are okay if you position yourself accordingly. But don’t necessarily run to the trend or don’t follow the trend. If for some reason your Niche has a trendy topic and you are already talking about that, then you can position yourself to be in an authority for that trend and leverage that trend. But don’t chase it, don’t switch your content or strategies around trying to follow trends. That’s not going to work.

You may even get to the point where you get traffic from the trends but you’re going to quickly find out trends are trends for a reason. For example, if you get in on a trend too late, how many people bought fidget spinners. A lot of people got rich off of those but I guarantee you some poor guy somewhere had a whole lot inventory or went off and leveraged his house to buy fidget spinner inventory towards the end of that trend and now they’re going bankrupt because they can sell them any more.

Also, trends create processes that are just not replicable. You need to put in place processes and you are able to replicate when you’re dealing with passive income. With passive income you get the people to come to you inbound yeah you do a little outbound here and there but most of the passive income is generated by people coming in, seeing your ads and they like your specific niche and they have a problem or a need in that topic and they’re going to come to you in the future. Guess who they went to for trends in the past? They don’t know because they don’t remember because trends are like that because there’s no branding involved. so guys keep that in mind and stay away from trends.

Solve Evergreen Problems 

Number three, solve problems in the evergreen niches. Evergreen problems are the main source of passive income. If you want consistent passive income, you have to solve problems in an evergreen niche. This way you’re going to make money year after year. An evergreen niche is in the health, wealth and finance categories. Those are the main ones but there are tons more guys. Again I get into more detail send my 7 step marketing guide so check it out. The link is at the bottom of this article.

In my 7 step guide, I give you examples of niches that are going to help you make that passive income over and over and over again in the evergreen niches. That is the core reason why passive income works because people are going to always have issues in the evergreen industries. People are always going to need to solve problems in the evergreen niches. People are always going to have a need for cameras or gardening or software development or technology. All these needs are going to exist 5, 10, 20 years from now. The question is what type of content is going to be available to help them to solve those problems. That’s where you come in with your passive income guys it. It’s so important that you position yourself for this passive income and claim that niche.

So, guys, I don’t want to make my content too general I want you guys to position yourself for success. What I need you to do is I need you to start making content. Have you even picked your niche? Are you trying to get a job? Are you trying to start a business? Are you trying to do freelance? Once you decide on that, then pick your niche. Get that income coming in so you can take care of your bills. Make sure you got food on the table. Make sure you can survive. Next, you want to start creating income over and above what you need to survive, i.e. your passive income so that you could start making money while you sleep. That’s the difference between active income and passive income.

At first, you’re going to be growing your active income and that requires your time. It’s going to require you to be there which is okay. Then at the same time start creating your passive income. After we do the initial setup, we want our passive income to grow as much as possible, by positioning ourselves and by doing the three things that I mentioned in this article.

So, guys, I urge you to really start prioritizing your passive income once you get your active income squared away. In either case, you will be making money with your skills, your knowledge, whatever business or job you’re going to do to take care of your active income. Then you want to start positioning yourself for more and more passive income over time. It’s going to grow and it’s definitely going to become your favorite because you don’t have to do much to keep it going. Once you get it going, once that snowball starts rolling and gets it off the ground, you got your brand working for you, your technology is working for you, your content is working for you and all those things you’re doing on YouTube.

You’re going to be amazed at how much your passive income is going to be automated after you set up these processes and procedures. I can hit this passive income with YouTube strategies in a lot of different ways. In the meantime tell me what problems you are having passive income. What are you doing on YouTube to set up your passive income? How much are you making with passive income? Give me your story and comment below and then sign up for my free 7th step marketing guide if you haven’t done so already. Then subscribe to my Youtube channel and like this video. Let’s start making our passive income and taking it to the next level. I’ll see you guys in the next article.



How to Start Online Marketing Business in 2019 for Beginners

Online Marketing Business

What’s up marketers and entrepreneurs Rod checking in wanting to bring you another article today. Today we’re going to talk about how to start an online marketing business or agency in 2019. I got three talking points I want to go over today. I want to help you guys start your marketing business so you can make more money in your life and your career and take your income to the next level.

Specialize in a Niche (SEO, Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising, Email Marketing)

First of all, guys when you are setting up a marketing agency you have to understand that this is a long term commitment. This is something that you’re not going to turn around in a couple of days and expect to make money. It’s going to be a work in progress when it comes to branding and making money online with your business.

You want to come across as being professional so number one guys let’s talk about specializing. I know a lot of you guys think that you could solve all the problems with marketing but you’re going to be more effective when you could specialize in one general area. When it comes to marketing yourself to other clients if you specialize in SEO, that’s not to say you can’t do any paid advertising work, I do email marketing work, I do social media marketing but everybody knows me as their SEO go-to guy. So you have got to make sure that you’re known for something and you’re not a jack of all trades. Just pick one that you’re the best at.

It’s going to be natural once you get that account and start providing value to that particular client, that you’re going to want to offer more services. They’re going to trust you because you have proven yourself already but there’s going to be more money in your pocket when you specialize. You could charge more and you can resonate more. Your clients are going to know this is what I come for, this is what I come to this person for and once you build that relationship and get a couple wins under your belt they will allow you to help out with other things. Then you can charge accordingly for those additional services.

Have An Ideal Customer

So talking point number two is focus on your ideal customer. This is a big one. You need to know what your ideal customer looks like. Or at least know what the customer you don’t want looks like. Don’t just go for the big fish, the small fish, or whatever customer will let you pitch to them. In the beginning, I can understand that but you have to at some point come to focus in on what your ideal customer looks like. Here’s why.

It’s so important that you develop standard operating procedures because once you start scaling your business, you will come to depend more and more on your standard processing. When you have a certain type of customer and certain expectations, you can really position yourself so that you can help a certain type of client.

A lot of online agencies or freelancers who want to start agencies, just go for any client. At the beginning that is ok because you’re trying to get your business off the ground. But when you get that first couple of clients, you have to start to have a standard type of client. Because once you get into onboarding that client and maintaining your standard operating procedures, you want to be able to outsource those jobs to your team.

The issue is, you can’t do everything, that’s why it’s very important to have that standard client. When you had that standard client, it is easier to create a standard process, a checklist, a standard you do for every client. Obviously the target market industry may change a little bit but the core process itself should be pretty standard for every account that you bring to your team.

Having a certain type of client will enable you to help make your team training a lot more effective. Then you can step away from your business and someone else will know what’s going on. Instead of you going out and getting a wide range of clients that has different needs that want all kind of different things and you’re trying to deliver on all of them. You’re probably going to fail.

Everyone struggles with this issue. I did and it drove me crazy because I couldn’t properly hire and train my team in a standardized manner. When you don’t standardize your clientele and your, therefore, your hiring and processing system it will be hard for you to take what you have in your mind and put it into practice. Worse you will have issues satisfying every client. I ended up closing that particular agency because I couldn’t hire anybody at a decent rate especially living here in Mississippi. It’s was hard to bring on software developers because I didn’t have a standard process and procedure to guide them on how to onboard and maintain those clients.

Having a standard client and matching processes in place is going to make things so much easier AND it’s going to give you in a leg up on your competition.

A lot of your business is management i.e. just making sure things get done the right way and automate as much as possible, the better your business is going to run. If you can lean on systemizing and having standard processes you’re going to make your life a lot easier in the long run.

Charge The Right Amount (Not Too High Or Not Too Low)   

My third point is to make sure you research rates and charge the right fee. A lot of people charge a low rate at the beginning just to get the initial business. The problem is once you set that price, it sets an expectation on your quality of work, get an effective team together at the lower rates and it is difficult to raise your prices. Also, don’t charge too much either.

You don’t want to overbid especially with accounts that are used to paying low prices. It is very important to charge the right fee from the get-go. But if you are not sure I would err on the side of being too high rather than too low because you can always come down. If you’re too low you can’t always go up once you start. We all make mistakes so giving an overestimate or an underestimate it’s okay but with some research, you will find that middle ground.

For example, SEO services typically charge between $1,500 and $2,500 for a law agency. You would think that a small little agency law firm couldn’t afford to pay a thousand dollars a month for marketing but you would be wrong. These small law firms can easily get million-dollar clients. To be able to get one of those accounts is realistic so you need to be in the price range at the very minimum in the $1,500 per month range.

It’s very important that you charge the right amount from the start. I’d rather you charge on the high end of the range you research for a particular niche. Because it is easier to negotiate the price lower to get the low rather than start low and try to raise your prices after you get that first job. You can’t go back up once you give him that deal. Even if you negotiate an initial low rate at the beginning, once your client gets used to that low rate they will balk when you try to raise your rate after that. If you give an SEO deal of $500 the first month and next month you try to come up to $1,000, you’re essentially doubling your price which is not going to work. Before you accept a job for a particular client you should research that clients’ size and the revenues for that particular industry.

I go into more depth in my 7 step guide below to make sure you guys have some guidance during this process and you don’t spend a lot of time spinning your wheels. I give instructions on how to get your digital marketing agency and business off the ground and set that foundation. Especially how you can scale your business without you having to babysit 24/7, or getting calls in the middle of the night about things that you could automate and make life a whole lot easier for yourself.

So like and subscribe to the content in the comments below and please let me know how things are going in your business. What are some of the roadblocks that you have experienced when starting your online marketing agency or marketing business. What are some of the issues that you would love to know in order for you to make things run faster and smoother. Go ahead and comment below. I would love to be able to help you guys out with all that stuff and really get you guys off to a great start. So what I need you to do is go sign up for the seven-step guide below and subscribe to the content. I want to start spreading the message and help put you guys in a position to win. See you in the next article.



How To Start Your Online Business with Facebook For Beginners!

Starting an online business with Facebook

Whats up marketers and entrepreneurs. Rod here checking in wanting to bring you a new article today. And today we’re going to talk about how to start your online business with Facebook. Yes, that’s right Facebook guys. I know we talked about Facebook a lot in another video but I wanted to cover it from an online business perspective. If you decide to start your business on Facebook I’m going to show you how you get traffic sales and how to put your content on Facebook the right way.

I used to waste a ton of time putting content facebook that never got any traffic. Because my digital marketing content always went against what Facebook wanted to push. In this article, I want to put you guys in a position to save time and start making money and grow your business as fast as possible on Facebook.

Leverage Facebook’s Onsite Conversion Tools To Get Lead Signups And Keep Users On Facebook

You need to leverage Facebook on-site conversion tools. I know a lot of people are going to tell you no on this and I’m talking specifically about organic content traffic. What happens with organic content is when you attempt to send traffic away from Facebook to your opt-in page, you are going to get suppressed. What I would recommend for organic traffic if you’re going to go the route of actually trying to get leads is to leverage their on-site lead conversion tool. Facebook actually has a button that’ll get that lead on Facebook.

I know it’s not going to really give you the engagement that you want initially because they don’t go to your website and opt into your email list by entering their email. But this does it gives you an initial list to work with by targeting your niche market and grow your list faster.

There are other strategies with paid ads that actually send them directly to your page to build more of a relationship and probably better quality leads but I’m talking about organic traffic from Facebook. So you can get the maximum amount of exposure from Facebook without them actually stepping on you like a little cockroach. Facebook does not like it when you are sending too much traffic off of Facebook. they will suppress your message if you do that so guys you have to be aware of this tool and if you don’t you’re going to find yourself doing a lot of work to create Facebook content to find out that Facebook is not even showing your post.

One more Point relating to this is we all know that we’re only getting 5% of the organic traffic that we used to get out of Facebook. I know a lot of you guys are going to say don’t use Facebook. A lot of people hate using Facebook but I would say there’s still some meat on that bone. I wouldn’t use Facebook as my primary organic traffic Source. If you’re into paid ads it’s certainly can work. But with organic Facebook traffic, you can build a secondary list. Facebook is good for that kind of stuff.

Just five years ago we use to get 95% of organic traffic from Facebook but now it’s only 5% so I want to make sure everybody is on the same page about how to leverage Facebook.

Don’t Spend Too Many Resources On Facebook Pages

Facebook pages used to be your bread-and-butter when growing your online business. There is still some value there but only a fraction of what it used to be. Facebook page is somewhere for your prospect to go while on the Facebook platform to get more information about you. They allow you to put your links on there to your outside page. But for the most part, don’t put too many resources into a Facebook page. I find there are better options than Facebook pages. Facebook pages don’t rank on Google anymore. Even Facebook doesn’t push pages because they know that is a good chance you may bounce.

Facebook knows that their money is on that feed they want you to stay on that feed as much as possible because you are much less likely to bounce. Facebook controls the Narrative of what you see on that the feeds. They know they can’t control you if you bounce.

You need to know where Facebook wants their visitors to be and you want your content to be optimized there. Which is on the feeds. With that being said you should know the Facebook community does give you the second best option as long as you’re chatting on a group feed and you’re seeing what’s in that community feed that’s a good approach for Facebook.

Groups Are Where You Want To Spend Time For Organic Traffic.

Facebook likes when you’re scrolling down looking at all the different content in the feeds because they have a lot more control over that what you see. You have a good chance of getting your content pushed in the feeds. Leverage Facebook that way even though there’s going to be some people say Facebook is not a good organic source of traffic. Yes, you can do better with Reddit and Pinterest but I’m talking about the benefits of Facebook. You can post content 4 or 5 times a day on facebook but do not pitch your affiliate links directly in a Facebook feed. You can convert them over to sales once they visit your website.

Yes, you want to establish a Facebook page and engage with your Facebook followers. Yes, you want to start groups and spend your time engaging with your community as much as possible to leverage that organic traffic. To stay in Facebook’s good graces to put yourself in a position to help as many people out as possible. This will put you in a position to win.

I want to see where you guys are at with your Facebook journey. Are you just starting your Facebook journey? What niche are you in on Facebook and how is it going? Let me know how I can help you take it to the next level.

I’m going to start reviewing a lot of my clients and my visitor’s online strategies. I want to make sure that I have all the information up front so I can make some suggestions for you guys. I want to make sure I put as much money in your pocket as possible especially when you’re just starting an online business.

If you have any questions about DigiLink or just want to know more about how to take your career to the next level, check out my free 7 step guide below. It’s free so go ahead and sign up for that and be a part of the community so you can take your online business to the next level and really put yourself in the position to win. Engage in the comments section below.



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